Bratislava Clubbing Guide – Music & Dance Clubs In Bratislava

 Bratislava Clubbing Guide – Music Dance Night Clubs

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Bratislava Clubbing Overview

Bratislava is far from the home of European clubbing but they do have their fair share of lively venues. Slovakia is a small country which didn’t establish its national independence  from Czechoslovakia until 1993. Bratislava is the capital city and has an estimated population of about 450,000. Bratislava is the cultural, political and financial epicentre of the country and clubbers are unlikely to book holidays anywhere else in Slovakia.

The increase in low cost flights courtesy of airlines air has lead to European tourists choosing Bratislava as the sight for their stag weekend. A lot of the city’s top clubs are secluded n what were Underground bomb shelters. The nightlife here is  amiable but beware of a minority of  confrontational local’s looking for trouble.

Bratislava Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews

Kartell Club, Suche Myto 6 Bratislava –  Kartell generously offer their customers free transport to the club between 10 pm and 5 am. Some of Bratislava’s most notorious DJ’s frequent the decks. Kartell has been described as a luxurious kingdom.  Kartell is located just across the road from the City’s Presidential Palace. They have frequent parties and regular themed nights including fancy dress. Downstairs is where the real hardcore partying takes place. Entry at between 2 and 6 Euro’s, To get a free lift to the club just ring 0949 88 11 81.website

Duplex, Hodzovo Namestie 2 Bratislava – Duplex is an upmarket Dance club. The music is primarily dance but with a slice of Euro pop thrown in for good measure.  The club is very much in its infancy as it has only been open since December 2010. They have certain drink specials which may be suitable for a group of solvent friends such as 6 Red Bulls and a bottle of Absolut Vodka for 55 Euros. the average cocktail is reasonably priced at about 5 Euros.  Admission fee is reasonable at 4 Euros for girls and 6 for guys.  Open Friday and Saturday from 10 pm till 5 am. The club is situated on Postova Street inside the Crowne Plaza

Infinity, Stefanikova 1 811 05 Bratislava Infinity is a renowned nightclub with a predominately young clientele. Infinity has been prevalent in the Bratislava club scene for quite some time now and Like so many Of Slovakia’s hotspots , the music is primarily dance oriented. They have a special offer of six red bulls and a bottle of Absolut Vodka for 38 Euros. Resident DJ is the popular DJ Krto. The service tends to be swift and amiable. Drink Prices are very much affordable.  They stay open till 2 am during the week but 3 am on Friday and Saturday

Rock OK, Safarikovo namestie 4 Bratislava – Rock Ok is a trendy, alternative Rock venue. Rock is a fairly new member of Bratislava’s nightlife and they offer regular special offers on a variety of drinks. Native Musicians and DJ’s are queuing round the block to showcase their talents here. The decor is stylish and steeped in  originality with a mix of bricks and wood. The club is located on Safarikovo Square on the grounds of Commenius University. Opening times are Mon-Thurs 11 pm till 4 am  and on Fri/Sat they remain open till 5

Channels, SNP Square Bratislava Zupne 2 namestie Channels primary musical genre is Dance, electro and House Music.  Channels is a heaving joint place to drink and dance in as long as you go on the right night. There are three floors each containing a different style and vibe. The location is convenient as it lies just outside the ”Old Town”. The club has been noted for possessing some rather aggressive regulars so be wary. The staff are generally welcoming with a few exceptions. popular destination for Male Stag weekends. Entrance is free and drinks start from 1 Euro each. Opening hours are 4 am Mon to Sat and open as late as 6 am on Friday na

Nu Spirit Club, Safarikovo namestie 7 BratislavaNu Spirit is an Underground nightclub which is known for its eclectic tastes and broad range of Musical styles. Everything from Nu Jazz to Funk and Hip Hop is played here. This centrally located club host a whole plethora of events  such as Stand up Comedy nights, Jam Sessions and Live concerts. Their sister venue is the Nu Spirit Bar located down the road at Medena Street. Admission a little on the high side at 8 Euros before midnight and 10 afterwards.  Open 10 am until the early morning. website

Empire, Zupne namestie 3 Bratislava – Empire is a two floor club situated at the top of the SNP square. They have small sofa area as well as a VIP Lounge [Maximum 10 people] for the more opulent clubber. European Dance provides the soundtrack to an evening of debauchery at one of Bratislava’s premiere venues. The clubs palm trees exude a tropical ambience.  Admission is free on most occasions and they have a popular Czech beer ‘Granat] on sale at a reasonable cost. Admission usually free. Their doors are open until 3 am on Thursday’s and 5 am On Friday’

Destination, Panenska 27 Bratislava –  Destination is a Vodka Bar which has become a haven to many of the City’s young clubbers. There are 2 sizeable bars and three different zones, the Chill Out Zone, the dance area and the drinking Zone. On Mondays and Tuesday’s their music is provided courtesy of a big screen playing contemporary Hits. On Wednesday and Thursday its the turn of live DJ’s to provide the entertainment. On Thursday and Friday entry normally around €5 but is free for women up until 10.30 pm which i’m sure comes as great news to guys on the prowl. Hi5 Thursday’s is a pretty lively night. DJ Stame is one of the venue’s resident DJ’s. website

Loft, Tovarenska 14 Bratislava –  The Loft Club is a new Venue which opened its doors back in October 2010. Loft is situated in what was the Industrial area of the city. Dance, Hip Hop, House , Techno are all played in order to entice a diverse clientele. Beer is well priced at about 2 Euros and Vodka costs anything from 2.50 to 5 Euros. Internationally recognized Dance act ”The Prodigy” have performed at this hotspot enhancing its credibility.  They are located near the Main Bus Station. The service is generally efficient.  Admission prices vary significantly and can cost between €5 – €15 depending on the programme,  Opening times are Wednesday and Thursday 9 pm till 1 am and 10 pm till 4 am on Friday’s and Saturday’

Trafo Bar Venturska 269/1 Bratislava – Trafo is home to Bratislava’s fashionistas and artistic types. Absolute Vodka seems to be the drink of choice. Its situated in the Old Town and they host frequent parties, themed nights and Dance Music. Drink prices here are high and similar to that of Western Europe but the admission is usually free.. Open from Thurs-Sat 9 pm till 5

The Club, Rybne namestie 1 Bratislava Slovakia –  This is a new venue which is situated inside the Park Inn Danube Hotel.  Club is renowned for its exclusivity which extends to a rather strict door policy. It’s an upmarket club which is frequented by highly regarded DJ’s across the globe. Event details are listed on their official website., there is a Facebook page dedicated to ”The Club”. Cost of admission varies depending on what event is on. They have Ladies Club Nights and regular retro themed parties.   Opening hours are 10 pm till 6

Remix Bar/Club,  Venturska 16 Bratislava Remix is a  beautifully designed, funky venue which specialises in Electronic, Trance and House music. Situated in the Pedestrian Zone of Bratislava’s Old Town it tends to draw attractive looking people. There’s a chilled out vibe about Remix as it’s not as full on as some of the more late night hotspots the city has to offer. They host themed parties and evenings such as Funky Thursday’s and Latino nights.  Drink Prices are typical of an Eastern European club.  Admission a mere €3/Opening times are Sunday to Thursday 9 till 12 pm and Fri/Sat 9 pm till 4




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