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Bucharest Clubbing Overview

Bucharest has one of the most thriving and diverse nightlife’s in all of Eastern Europe. Many European cities are just full of stereotypical Euro pop and Dance clubs but Bucharest offers up alternative Rock venues as well. Many venues are only open on Friday and Saturday’s, but remain open till very late.  Some clubbers feel you have to make a lot of effort to fe friends with the locals. Drink prices are amazingly cheap which is just another string to the bow of Bucharest’s clubbing scene.

Bucharest Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews 

Control Club, Bucharest Str. Academei 19[Pasajul Victoriei] – Control offers clubbers a vastly different experience to that of a standard Bucharest Nightclub. The crowd are down to earth and love their guitar music. Whether it be Indie Rock, metal or 70’s , the crowd here go crazy for   it. There is a Joy Division Tribute Band which have played the venue a few times and perhaps the band’s signature song ”Control”  inspired the club’s name. Open 2 pm till 6 am and 6 pm till 6 am on Sat/Sun. Standard entry fee is 25 Lei. website  http://www.control-club.ro/

Bastards Club, Bucharest Str.Lipscani 28  – The bizarrely named Bastards club in Bucharest is a breathe of fresh air on Bucharest’s club scene. This is a cocktail bar and nightclub where you never know what kind of music to expect. They have everything from Karaoke to classic Rock night and their resident DJ spinning the latest and old school Electro tunes. The drinks are very cheap and the staff are generally very friendly. The toilets here are far from sparkling. Opening times are 6 pm till 5 am Tues-Sat .websitehttp://www.bastards.ro/

Club A, Bucharest Street Blanari 14 – Club A is one of Bucharest’s most popular joints aided by the fact that they sell incredibly cheap Vodka and Red Bulls and the admission fee is minimal. The crowd mainly consists of open minded students and people of that age. They have regular theme nights,  and live Music on most weekends. The party atmosphere has become part of Romanian folklore with tourists from all over the globe falling in love with the imaginatively titled  Club A. The music is not what you expect to hear in a European nightclub with rock bands such as Nickleback and Good Charlotte providing the soundtrack to your evening. The clientele have been accused of being reluctant to make new acquaintances.  Opening hours are 12 pm till 5 am and 12 pm till 6 am on Fri/Sat  Admission usually costs 20 Lei. website  http://www.cluba.ro/

Deja Vu, Bucharest B-Dul Nicolae Balcescu 25 – This lavish cocktail bar is one of Bucharest’ most expensive night clubs. The cocktails are unique, some of which even involve fire but you pay the price for that believe me. The weekends are particularly busy and their small dance floor often ends up packed and sweaty. It is pricey for Bucharest but not in comparison to the rest of Europe with a Cocktail costing about 5 Euro’s and a beer costing about 3 Euro’s. The music is predominately European and American House tunes.  Open 8pm -l 4am daily. Entry fee is around 50 Lei. website http://www.dejavu-club.ro/

El Comandante Grande, Bucharest str. Vitorului 26 – This club is a tribute to Argentine Marxist Revolutionary  Che Guevara. There are plenty of pictures of Che plastered on the club walls. Even if you don’t necessarily agree with the place’s politics you are likely to have a fun night if alternative Rock Music is your scene. The drinks are very cheap with a bottle of beer costing around 1.50 Euro’s, which certainly adds to the appeal. Opening hours are Tues-Sat 9 pm till 6 am.  Entry fee unknown. website http://elcomandante.ro/

Barletto Club, Bucharest Str.Oltetului 30 – Barletto is one of the City’s most upmarket nightclubs. This swanky and elegant venue  features some of the city’s sexiest dancers on Friday and Saturday nights. Internationally renowned DJ’s frequent the decks at Barletto playing mostly European House and Dance tracks. Drink prices are steep but not bad in comparison to excusive joints in London or Paris.  Entry fee is very expensive for Bucharest at about €13  Opening times are  11 pm till 6 am Fri/Sat. website  http://www.barletto.ro/

Kristal Glam Club, Bucharest B-Dul Regina Elisabeta 34 – This is arguably the city’s trendiest night club. Formerly located in the city centre Glam has moved a bit further out. The new club is a lot more spacious and so when masses of excitable clubbers turn up they have more room to accommodate all of them. Top DJ’s from all parts of the globe are lining up to play this notorious Bucharest venue famous for it;s electronic and dance sounds. The service here has been accused of being inefficient and some of the women clientele of being shallow and superficial,  Entry fee is about €8  Opening times are 11 pm till 5 am on Fri/Sat.website  http://www.clubkristal.ro/

Mojo Club  Bucharest str. Gabroveni 14 – Mojo is a heaving, british themed three floor club in central Bucharest. On the top floor is a hugely popular Karaoke floor, with plenty of brave souls embarrassing themselves , displaying their questionable singing talents. The downstairs host up and coming Live Bands, most of who are local playing British Pop and Classical English hits. The clientele consists of mixed ages which is good to see. The beer and wine is well priced as in most of the city’s clubs. They have a resident band who perform a set of covers when a live band hasn’t been booked. This eclectic venue also serves up British stand up comedy and Quiz nights. The atmosphere tends to be overwhelmingly friendly. Opening hours are  2 pm till 2 am daily. Entry fee is 20 Lei which includes 10 Lei worth of drinks as well. website http://www.mojomusic.ro/Club/

Fratelli, Bucharest str. Glodeni 1-3 – This rather exclusive bar is renowned for its luxury leather sofa’s and bizarre, sometimes sexist door policy. Often people are refused admission because they are full but sometimes its for no reason at all. The clientele are generally amiable and relaxed, but the bar also has its fair share of ”Posers”.  The music is retro and dance with the beer and cocktails are reasonably priced. Dress to impress, and you have a better chance of gaining entry. Open 11 pm till 5 am Friday and Saturday. Standard Entry fee is 15 RON. website http://www.fratelli.ro/

Jukebox Club, Bucharest str. Turturelelor 11 Jukebox is Bucharest’s Premiere Live music venue. Most of the bands are local acts but they also feature a host of international bands and singers. Jukebox is a huge favourite amongst big groups of Twenty something friends who are into Alternative or Indie Rock bands.. There ‘s a terrific restaurant on site as well. The beer here is better than average and represents great value for money. A minority of clubbers felt that the local bands who performed here were incredibly  dull. Open 8 pm till 4 am Thurs-Sat. Entry fee is only 2 Euro’s on most nights.website http://www.jukeboxvenue.ro/



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