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Gdansk Clubbing Overview

Gdansk is a Polish city which lies on the Baltic coast and has a population of just over 450,000, has a vibrant nightlife. Most of their native clubbers are friendly and relaxed individuals. There is a diverse range of bars and nightclubs to choose from. With retro style rock clubs, commercial dance joints and venues providing foreign and exotic flavour like Latino music clubs. Sopot and Gdynia are home to less Mainstream and student clubs. Most venues have good drinks and entry prices with the rare club more suitable to opulent clubbers with their grossly exaggerated prices.

Gdansk Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews

Club 80’s Gdansk ul Stagiewna 15, – 80’s is one of the city’s liveliest venues. Effusive clubbers are relentless in their pursuit of an enjoyable night. As the title suggests the music here is retro pop classics from the 1980’s.  many men and women on the pull see 80’s as an idyllic destination. The ages are mixed with some 40 something’s attempting to relive their youth and young  enthusiasts of so called cheesy, retro music.  They have pleasant,  rustic decor. The drink prices are reasonable here. Open from 9 pm till 5

Soda Cafe, Gdansk ul chmielna – Soda Cafe is one of this city’s most notorious and sought after clubbing venues. Populated by some pretty wild clientele, there is a real fun loving vibe at Soda. There are different parties going on here every night with Saturday nights racy Erotic theme and Wednesday nights providing embrassing yet joyous Karaoke evenings. The dance floor is always full with optimistic party-goers. They are  open from 7 pm until the last guest

Club Sanatorium, Gdansk ul boh.monte Cassino 60 – Sanatorium is a trendy hot spot situated in the heart of Gdansk. Threes a lively party room where talented DJ’s play the latest in Dance and Techno tunes or a more laid back chill out room for those who prefer soothing background music. There’s a room that blasts out classic disco tracks from the 1970’s too.  There is an Asian almost buddhist vibe about their design and decor. Beer and spirits represent good value for money.  Open till 3 am. website

Sfinks, Gdansk ul Powstancow Warsawzy 18 Sopot – Sfinks is a haven to advocates of European dance and House music. Their hedonistic clientele are intent on partying till breakfast time. They attract renowned International acts to player here such as X-ress II. It’s a very highly rated venue. Entrance fee is a reasonable at around 8 Euro’s. Drinks are well priced with most beer costing about 2 Euro’s. website htp://

The Beautiful Young and Rich, Gdansk ul Teatralna 1 –  One of Gdansk’s most exclusive and pretentious haunts. A few reviewers have labelled the Beautiful Young and Rich as seedier than the owners would like to let on. Vodka’s and beers are averagely priced. The door staff have come under severe scrutiny for some alleged roughhouse tactics. The clientele consists mainly of young and often obnoxious clubbers. Music is primarily dance and commercial  Open  till 5am most nights. website

Viva Club, Gdansk F.Mamuszki 2 – This majorly successful club is located at Sopot’s Beach. Their outdoor terrace offers a splendid view of the City’s bay. Their resident spinners plug that latest commercial Dance tracks for their adoring, beautiful public. They have an annual Beach party which is one of the highlights of the summer clubbing season. Viva has unwillingly been given the moniker of a ”Meatmarket” club. Open 9 pm until the last person leaves around 6 am usually. website

Yesterday, Gdansk ul piwna 50/51 – Entrance is supposed to be free. The place possesses a great ambience and the soundtrack is provided mainly by classic rock such as the Doors, Rolling Stones and legendary Beatles. The decor is  a funky orange colour. The  Beer and spirits are very cheap. The crowd mainly consists of relaxed and amiable locals. Open 9 pm till 6 am. website

Copacabana, Gdansk Sopot beach [no website] tel no: 48-5067-81272 – Entry here will set you back 23 ZL. This is an exotic venue which has the vibe and feel of a beach party. You can enjoy a fruity cocktail or sparkling wine  whilst mingling with some cool and fascinating characters. The sultry music has a  Latin feel about it. Entry is free from 3 am. website n/a

Club Mandarynka, Gdansk ul. bema 6 – this is a modern and trendy hangout which has become a staple of Sopot’s nightlife. Acclaimed live acts and DJ’s are eager to showcase their talents at Mandarynka. Their alcohol speciality is cocktails which are affordably priced. Its’ a crowded joint with sexy clientele but  has been much maligned for its sometimes pretentious crowd. They are conveniently locate din the city centre and the partying starts at Midnight, finishing at Breakfast time when the last customer leaves. website

Classic Club, Gdansk Boh Monte Cassino 53 , tel no:48 [58] 5555-335 – This is an elegant venue frequented by some rather sophisticated club creatures. The refined frolics take place amongst a backdrop of saucy Latino tunes. Thursdays are synonymous with fun filled Argentinean Tango. The crowd consists mainly of hipsters and adventurous groovers. They have a broad range of reasonably priced, fruity cocktails. Open  9 pm till 6 n/a 



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