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Ibiza Clubbing Guide – Music Dance Night Clubs

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Ibiza Clubbing Overview

Ibiza is arguably the Clubbing Capital Of Europe. Be wary though because despite Ibiza’s legendary reputation, the nightclubs here are far from inexpensive. Ticket and alcohol prices are far too costly for those vacationing on a budget. There is no doubt that the exotic surroundings and luxurious , trendy venues make for a memorable holiday.

The Majority of their hotspots remain open until 6 am and are frequented by revered Musical acts and DJ’s.  A place I would personally recommend is Grial, as the owners attempt to get one over on the competition by offering free entry and much more realistic drink prices. Ibiza is the undoubted mecca of European clubbing but to indulge in this vibrant nightlife you must be prepared to save a small fortune.

Ibiza Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews

People Cocktail bar, Ibiza Calle Colon 11 San Antonio -People was opened back in the summer of 2009 and has already established itself as one of the Island’s most popular hangouts. It’s a modern looking and friendly place where drinks are more affordable than much of their nightclub competition. It goes without saying that their drink speciality is cocktails, but I said it anyway. They have resident DJ’s blasting out commercial dance and House tunes for their adoring public. Ticket prices for events are available on their official website.website  http://www.peopleibiza.com/

The Underground Club Ibiza San Rafael San Antonio Road  – Underground is one of the Balearic island’s few alternative offerings tucked away in a serene location. Much revered on the Dance/House circuit, DJ’s such as Doc Martin and Craig Richards ply their trade at Underground. Many random and spontaneous parties take place here. This picturesque setting has a diverse mix of nationalities and you’ll be pleased to know that entrance fee isn’t daylight robbery like many of Ibiza’s clubbing establishments. Certain parties are up to 50 Euro’s but that entitles you to free drinks all night. Admission is only between 5 and 10 Euro’s on most nights. Better value than most of its competition. Open 10 pm till as late as 8 am. website http://www.ibizaunderground.com/

EL Zaguan, Ibiza, Avinguda de Bartomeu de Rossello 15 Eivissa  – Zaguan is a one of Ibiza’s more affordable late night venues. They also have a highly rated restaurant with a delectable selection of traditional Tapas to choose from. They have a broad range of alcoholic refreshments from frothy beer to colourful cocktails at a reasonable cost. Opening hours are Midday till 1 am. Its more of a pre-party venue due to the early closing times but is a fantastic place to begin an evening of Utopian decadence. Most of their Music is provided courtesy of European Dance tracks. website  http://www.elzaguan.es/

2 Nice Ibiza, West End San Antonio  – The bar is open every summer season for 3 months and plays the best of Old School, Hip Hop and Club Classics. 2nice has had the privilege of many guest star performers including American hip hop veteran Busta Rhymes and English rapper Professor Green. The vibe is sexy and exuberant. They are Open from 9 pm at night till the small hours of the morning. There is free entry and offer and an array of special offers on drink. The majority of their clientele are fun loving and adventurous. website http://2nice-bar-lounge.ibiza-bars.net/

Bambhudda Grove, Ibiza East Santa Eulalia Del Rio, San Juan Road – The Grove is a renowned oriental restaurant which doubles as a bar serving up homemade cocktails. Ibiza natives are entitled to a 25% discount. They have live DJ’s spinning funky dance tunes and ethnic beats. This is an exotic and erotic setting which prices are high but so is their quality. Bambhudda’s annual Halloween Pagan Fetish parties have gained legendary status. Open from 11 am till 1 am on most nights. Admission is free website http://www.bambuddha.com/

Pacha, Ibiza Avinguda Del Vuit Ibiza Town d’Agost – Pacha was opened  nearly 40 years ago in 1973 and has established itself as a renowned clubbing brand ever since.  Pacha has been frequented by some of the top names in the Music Industry including Rap mogul and Producer Dr. Dre. There are brands of The unmistakeable Cherries,  Pacha all over the world now. It’s one of the most recognized Dance venues and latest musical sensation, DJ David Guetta has frequented their decks on many occasions. website   http://www.pacha.com/

Funky House, Disco and Chill out provide the soundtrack to a hedonistic night.  Pacha is highly expensive though with a Vodka costing about 12 Euros and a beer at least 10 Euro’s. Fantastically decadent venue but due to the prices its only suitable for affluent club creatures. Entry can be as much as 20 Euro’s on some nights and party tickets are extortionately priced. Open 12 till 6 am. website website http://www.pacha.com

Space, Ibiza Playa D’en Bossa, Platja den Bossa – Space has become a well renowned home of Electro Dance music. It’s an influential venue which has had a significant impact on the Ibizan clubbing scene. Space look to employ the most talented and revered DJ’s from across the globe to ensure their punters have an unforgettable night. They have five different Dance areas and a popular terrace for summer partying. They received the Prestigious 2012 Award for best Global Club. A Vodka mixer will cost you about 12 Euro’s and a beer is extravagantly priced at 8 Euro’s. Party Tickets cost anywhere between 20 and 45 Euro’s.  they now close at the earlier time of 6 am on most nights. website http://www.spaceibiza.com/

Eden, Ibiza C/Salvador Spiriu Antonio de Portmany – Eden is a fairly new sexy establishment. Its easily accessible as it’s right in the heart of San Antonio. The main club room plays Techno and Trance tracks whilst the other party room plays mostly Urban and Garage tracks. They serve water for dehydrated clubbers which is a good idea but they cost as much as 5 Euros a pop. Sunday Nights at Eden are predominately ruled by legendary British  DJ Judge Jules and are named ”Judgement Sundays”. Drinks are a little cheaper than other places but still expensive by normal standards with a Vodka mixer at about 10 Euros and a beer setting you back about 7 Euro’s. most Club  tickets cost around 35-40 Euro’s.  Open from 11 pm till 5/ 6 am. website http://www.edenibiza.com/

Privilege, Ibiza Calle De Ibiza 7 – Privilege is arguably the worlds largest nightclub. You walk through the doors and it really is a sight to behold. Its a majestic venue which began life as the famous Ku Club. This magnificent building has a refreshing Swimming Pool and the heart of it and is likely to provide you with the kind of clubbing experience that you’ve never had before. Music is primarily Dance and House oriented. Risque sex shows are known to take place at Privilege. They also host Manumission one of the Island and world’s most notorious events. Some found the environment a little too sleazy and provocative.  Party Tickets are around 30 Euro’s. Open till 6 am. website http://www.privilegeibiza.com/

Ibiza Rocks, Ibiza Rocks Hotel San Antonio. – Ibiza is synonymous with Dance music but Ibiza Rocks is a haven for lovers of alternative and Indie Rock N Roll. It’s a sizeable outdoor venue with a beautiful swimming pool which has seen many a famous rock star go for a dip. Beers are more affordable at around 5 Euros and Vodka Mixers are still priced highly at about 10 Euro’s. The Ibiza Rocks hotel  club night is situated in the middle of the Hotel’s scenic Courtyard. The clientele consists mainly of bohemian types who just love their Rock music. Home to many up and coming Live acts looking to announce themselves on the world stage.website http://www.ibizarocks.com/  

Amnesia, Ibiza San Rafael San Antonio Road – Amnesia has had an influential role in cultivating Ibiza’s Dance culture over the years.  Amnesia has won numerous awards for the best Global Club in the 1990’s and is continuing to go strong. Some of the Globe’s most esteemed DJ’s from all different genre’s are desperate to get on the decks here. The Music is a mix of House, Dance and Mainstream pop hits. They are famous for their wild Foam parties. Cocoon and Cream are probably their most infamous club parties. Tickets for these events should cost you around 40-50 Euros. Spirit with mixer can cost as much as 15 Euro’s with a beer at a ridiculous 10 Euro’s. It’s 8 Euro’s just for a bottle of water to cool you down. Standard night is Midnight till 6 am. website http://www.amnesia.es/

Es Paradis, Ibiza Salvador Espriu 2 San Antonio – Paradis began life back in the mid 70’s and has become a reputable venue and clubbing paradise for thousands of party animals every year. This lavish venue holds regular water parties which can lead to much fun and frolics. They have a glamorous Labyrinth Secret Garden which is truly breathtaking. It’s easy to access as it’s right in the centre of San Antonio. Cover charge is anything from 20-40 Euro’s and a beer will cost you around 7 Euro’s. They occasionally have free entry tickets left in San Antonio Bars. It certainly has a legitimate claim to being the most spectacular club on the continent.   Open till 6 am on most nights. website   http://www.esparadis.com/

Ushaia, Hotel Ibiza Playa Den Bossa.- Ushaia is a a Hotel with a club of the same name located just across the road from Space club. The parties usually take place around the Swimming pool area and have ambient Beach Bars. Events usually start at around 5 pm and finish at Midnight. a Beer should cost about 8 Euro’s whilst a Vodka Mixer is in the neighbourhood of 12 Euro’s. International DJ’s are lining up to play this opulent hotspot.website  http://www.ushuaiabeachhotel.com/

DC10, Ibiza Passeig Vara De Rey – DC is a smaller party in comparison to most of the other leading clubs on the Island. The capacity is roughly 1,000 people and the clientele are renowned for their flamboyance and spirit. The party goes on until the small hours of the morning. The predominate musical Genres are Underground House and Techno. They are probably most famous for their Circoloco Parties which started in the new Millennium. Open daily from 10 pm till as late as 6 am. Drink prices are fairly reasonable.website http://dc10-ibiza.ibiza-clubs.net/

Club Martina, Ibiza  De La Murtra 5 Playa Den Bossa – Martina is new to the Island’s club scene and has announced themselves by attracting big name artists such as Audioslave  and DJ Hell. They have a lesser known local DJ’S establishing a name for themselves here as well. It’s a saucy venue with plenty of tanned flesh on display and a horny young man’s idea of utopia I would assume. Martina’s primary genres are House and Techno but with some other genres thrown in for good measure too.  Opens around Midnight and shuts at 6 am. They have several different themed nights with Latino Salsa and retro Disco Fever included.website http://www.martinaibiza.com/

Gala Night, the Zoo Project Ibiza Carretera San Antonio KM – Contrary to popular belief The Zoo project was not formerly a Zoo but due to that myth hosts  fancy dress parties where animalistic punters arrive in all kinds of hilarious animal type costumes. Many British Tourists are advocates of Gala Night and relish the opportunity to dress in different guises.  It’s a large outdoor location which has regular BBQ’s which entices party-goers from all over the Island. Gala Nightclub may close as early as midnight but fear not as the Zoo Project party continues at the Privilege club in to the early hours. Open 4 pm till Midnight or 2 am. Entry fee doesn’t come cheap at about 40-50 Euro’s.  website http://www.thezooproject.com/

Bora Bora, Playa Den Bossa Ibiza – Bora is Bora is a breathe of fresh air in Ibiza’s expensive clubbing climate. The tropical beach parties which began in 1986 are completely free and the atmosphere is decadent. When the clock strikes twelve an the party moves inside to a tiny clubbing space where Party-goers groove to the sounds of House and Techno Music. Stays open till about 5 am.website http://www.boraboraibiza.net/music.html

Sankeys, Ibiza Calle Alcines Playa Den Bossa – Sankey’s started life in much colder climbs, Manchester England. Sankeys opened a branch on the Island in 2011 and it seems to have proved a successful venture. They are 3 main Dance rooms and the sound system is absolutely phenomenal. Internationally acclaimed Dance Acts, Basement Jaxx and Booka  Shade have spun records here. Open 11 pm till 6 am. Party Tickets usually cost around 25-35 Euro’s. Drinks are very pricey. website http://www.sankeysibiza.info/

Sunset Cafe, Ibiza  Placa Del Parc 3 07800 Eivissa – The Sunset cafe is a charming hotspot located in the heart of the Island. Its a trendy and notorious melting pot for DJ’s and club owners around the island. The crowd consists mainly of friendly  Spanish locals, French and Italian clubbers. There’s minimal Techno music blasted out here as well as the traditional sounds of Flamenco Music. This is more of a pre-party hangout then a late night venue. Drinks are well priced in comparison to other Ibiza joints. A host of tantalising cocktails are served up by their amiable bar staff. Open 11 am till 1 am.website n/a

Grial Ibiza Avigunda Del Vuit D’Agost 11  Eivissa tel no: 34-971-3146-39 – Grial is a highly rated haunt amongst local Clubbers looking for a pre-party. One of Grial’s added attractions is that it offers prices which an average tourist can actually afford. The drink prices are affordable as is the admission fee. The dance floor is reminiscent of an Underground Cave. Music is primarily House and Dance oriented.  Friday is often cocktail Party night. Free admission on most nights and open from Midnight to 6 am.website n/a



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