Kiev Clubbing Guide Music & Dance Clubs In Kiev

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Kiev Clubbing Overview

This was a surpise as clubbing in Kiev is far more lively than you would expect as is the choice of music. Kiev has a fast developing night life with an increasing number of music and dance clubs/ In some clubs there is a really good atmosphere.even in the pricey ones.


Kiev Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews

Kaif, 20 Artema Street, Kiev Tel no: 48-20-001 The Kaif nightclub is a small yet trendy hot spot in the Ukrainian capital. Kaif has a youthful, funky crowd who love the club’s adopted styles of music which are Euro House and Electro. The service is at Kaif is held in high esteem and the price range for alcohol is average. There is a retro feel about the decor and atmosphere inside Kaif which I found to be very charming. The club is like a second home for top Ukrainian DJ  Kon along with many other renowned spinners. Entry fee is around 10 Dollars and the club is open from 9 pm until 6 am. website n/a

Chocolate, 39-41 Shota Rustaveli Street, Kiev tel no: 289 – The Chocolate club is a heaving dance venue situated in the heart of the city. The club has a hedonistic ambience about it and is incredibly spacious. Chocolate plays host to many of Kiev’s fashionistas and high rollers but manages to avoid being  too pretentious. Expect a hardcore clubbing experience with loud music and even louder people. The crowd tends to be friendly and lively without being overly rowdy. The service in Chocolate is impeccable on the whole with very few complaints ever being made about their hospitality. They open from 12 pm to the very early hours of the morning. website 0194

Chaykovsky Deluxe, 22 Ribalskaya Street, Kiev tel no: 501-7979 – The strangely titled Chaykovsky Deluxe is a rather elegant night Club.  Chaykovsky is home to opulent clientele and has a sexually provocative and promiscuous vibe. The Club plays mostly R and B music through a  state of the art sound system. The obnoxious door men are a little selective with who they let in and so if you are not dressed immaculately or are not considered ”beautiful enough” then you run the risk of being refused entry. Some of the women who frequent the luxurious Chaykovsky have been described as spoiled brats and the reviews for Deluxe are very mixed. They specialise in an extensive range of cocktails which are  far from inexpensive. Admission is 10 Dollars but drinks prices are incredibly inflated and so I would not recommend this club if you are on a budget or if you are a down to earth individual. Doors open at 10 pm and shut  at 8 n/a

Arena, 2A Busseinaya Street Kiev  – Arena is  an upmarket multi-level Nightclub in the centre of Kiev. Many celebrities have been spotted in this swanky venue and the club is partially owned by World Heavyweight boxing champions the Klistchko brothers. The club is next to the infamous Bessarabki Market and their clientele includes everything from your average joe on the street to high class Ukrainian prostitutes. Arena is not your typical drinking spot though as you can also indulge in the world of gambling with their casino and try some of their delectable Sushi in Arena’s  very own Sushi bar. There are sexy female dancers on the largest dance floor who dress as everything from American cheerleaders to strippers. The cocktails of choice are Mojitos and Martinis but you are looking at paying at least 10 Euros for one of these drinks. Admission is around 8 Euros and their doors open from 9 pm to 6 am. website

Patipa, 10 Muezeini Prospect, Kiev tel no: 253-0150 – Patipa is one of Kiev’s most modern and innovative Night clubs. Patipa predominantly plays House music and the majority of it’s customers are fun loving club creatures. Some of the designers who cultivated some of Western Europe’s top dance clubs are responsible for the creation of this decadent partying venue. There are several different areas which cater for varying needs including a ”Chill out” zone for those who wish to rest or relax and somewhere to grab a snack if all that dancing has given you an appetite. The entry fee varies but is usually reasonably priced and they are open every night from 8 pm until the last customer goes home. website n/a

Shooters, 22 Moskovskaya Street tel no: 254-2024 – Shooters is one of the few clubs in the City to offer the customer a diverse range of musical genres to groove to. Shooters has been referred to as Paradise for mature individuals or young professionals who seek a relaxed and fun filled night with their good friends. The entertaining and efficient service at Shooters is much revered. Unlike many of its rivals Shooters liquor is affordably priced and so getting merry will not see you filing for bankruptcy the morning after. A few ethnicities have complained that were denied entry just because of the colour of their skin and Kiev in general does seem to have an ignorant attitude towards those of an oriental persuasion. Admission is cheap at about 4 Euros and the club is open from 9 pm to 8 am. website

Decadence House, 16 Shota Rustaveli Street Kiev – Decadence House is an overpriced exclusive nightclub on Kiev’s famous Shota Rustaveli Street. The venue is far from modest which is perhaps given away by its title. Decadence House embodies the term ”Eurotrash” and it has the bizarre distinction of being free for women whilst men pay up to 15 Euros to enter the club. The location is ideally central and their cuisine does receive rave reviews. The general consensus is that the music is top notch that is if you are a fan of Euro pop and dance. Decadence has live Musical acts performing here  on a regular basis. This is arguably a prime venue for Women but the average male who has financial constraints should avoid Decadence House like the plague. Opening hours are 11 am till last customer. website

Maximum, 12/27 Dekabristov Street Kiev – Maximum is a long running and successful Entertainment complex. They have a large number of regulars who feel that Maximum caters for all their needs at a reasonable price. You can dance, gamble or even watch their highly erotic striptease here. the club attracts a young, sexy crowd consisting of students and professional twenty somethings. They offer specialized cocktails at student prices and a tempting food menu which unfortunately  stops serving food as early as 8 pm. Entry fee is 4 Dollars and you can only pay with cash. Doors open for the club at 8 pm and close at 8 am. website

Forsage Club, Hartmana Street 51 A Kiev – The Forsage  is a popular dance club located next to the City’s National Aviation University. Forsage takes up a whopping 1800 square metres and their soundtrack is house, dance and Electro music. Almost without dissent this clubbrtd coming here here impressived as it has a good standard of service it is  a welcoming and warm venue. Drinks are affordable and Forsage is an ideal setting for hardcore clubbers and infrequent party-goers alike. Doors open on Monday-Thursday from 12- 6 am and Fri-Sun 12 till 7 am website

Other Noted Clubs & Bars

One place that does is the River Palace at Naberezhne Shosse a river boat that offers a music club, restaurant and casino. The food is good but be warned this is aimed at rich male tourists. Telephone: 490-6695. Rumoured to open all night

Much less expensive is the Cocktail Bar ( 1 Peremohy Pl. )which is a ‘ fun’ discotheque with a reputation for some pretty wild partys. Popular with locals especially on Mondays and Tuesdays when entry is free.Telephone: 221-7741 Closes at 2am.

Much more expensive is the Freedom Bar (134 Frunze Street) which will liberate your money for you. The club is part of an entertainment centre which also offers a casino and a restaurant. Telephone 468 4068. Not quite as expensive is the Gold Cup ( 22 Moskovskaya ) which includes a Spanish Disco and a separate restaurant. Telephone: 254 2024 for closing times.

The locals favourite haunts are the Opium Dance Club ( 1 Saksahanskoho Street ) which is friendly and moderately priced but only opens Thursday – Saturday. Telephone 205 5393. The Moda Bar is another river boat disco ( 6 Kreschatyska Street Pier ) renowned for live bands and good music. Telephone: 416 7388.



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