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Krakow Clubbing Overview

Krakow has emerged as one of the most popular European destinations in the past decade. with over 100, 000 students and lively locals, clubbing tourists have been drawn to this historic Polish city. The Krakow club scene has become immensely competitive in recent times as ambitious businesses looking to allure new customers to their establishment. Expect cover charges on weekends, some of which are very reasonable and some which have exaggerated entry fees. The cheap booze and beautiful people have made Krakow a major European clubbing city and thats not likely to change anytime soon/.

Krakow Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews

Base Club Krakow ul.Sw Anny 6 Krakow – Base is one of this City’s largest and most celebrated Nightclubs. The club is an impressive 440 square metres in Size and is brimming with hedonistic party animals who love grooving to the latest Commercial Pop and Dance tracks.   Base has as many as 4 bars all designed in a different style and fully stocked with cheap  Beer, wine and spirits.  The decor has a bright and imaginative colour scheme. Open 10 pm till 5 am Thurs-Sat  website  –

Frantic, Krakow ul Szewska 5 – Frantic is full of attractive yet pretentious women. Tourists in particular seemed very disappointed by their experience at Frantic feeling that the locals were unfriendly and that they had been  financially exploited by the door staff and owners. Frantic has evolved in to a Meat market over the years with horny natives and tourists attempting to impress  the  local, model looking females. Some accusations of racism have been made by a minority of customers, aimed at the owners and door staff.  They do possess a state of the art sound system which helps to allure some of the continent’s top DJ’s.  The Music is mainly Rock and Dance oriented. The drinks are much more expensive than your average Krakow haunt.  Open  10 pm till 3 am Weds-Sat  Entry is 5zl for Tourists but reportedly and unfairly free for

Baroque Krakow ul sw Jana 16 – Baroque is one of Krakow’s most complete Club venues. They have  A Vast drinks list full of interesting Vodka mixers and reputable cocktails which have been described as ”The best in town”.  Its a trendy joint steeped in modernity and full of sex appeal. I would describe Baroque as upmarket Hot spot but with surprisingly affordable drink prices. The music is mainly  They have a sizeable dance floor and an delightful Food menu to choose from. They host life musical acts from varying genres including Jazz.  Open 9 pm till 3 am Thurs-Sat. Entrance fee is usually around 10 zl. website

Coco Music Club Krakow ul SZpitlana 38 – Coco is a rather glamorous venue frequented by inquisitive tourists and fashionable locals alike.  It’s very popular amongst students and the party doesn’t get into full swing until well after midnight. Coco is one of the most highly regarded night clubs in Krakow with the majority of  customers leaving thoroughly satisfied. Hip Hop and R n B are the primary musical flavours at Coco. They offer a broad range of affordable cocktails and beers.  The crowd tend to be well dressed and fashion conscious.  They are open 9 pm till 6 am on Weds-Sat. Resident DJ’s include DJ Lead and DJ Sharp who play mostly House and Dance tracks.  An added bonus is their luxury VIP room for affluent clubbers or those holding parties. Admission will cost you an estimated 10-15 Euro’s , so a little more expensive than many other clubs here. website

Centrala Krakow Maly Rynek 4 – Centrala is one of Krakow’s most buzzing Underground clubs. They host performances from several live local acts and have some of the Countries most revered DJ’s frequenting the decks. Polish Electro Pop trio Kamp have played this massive venue.  Electro and Techno beats are the most recognized sounds at Centrala.  There is a bit more of a chilled out atmosphere in the Bar areas of the club which is like a breath of fresh air in this city. The decor is very in your face with bold colours to grab your attention. Open on  Fri/Sat 5 pm till 4 am. website

Fashion Time Krakow ul Kosciuszki 3 – The pretentiously named Fashion Time is the epicentre of Krakow’s nightlife. It’s a rather large space which tends to plays everything from Retro hits to R n B  tunes. There are three dance floors each playing a different style of music. Fashion Time has a very elegant interior with large Chandeliers and  lavish wallpaper. A large beer is generously priced at about 3 Euro’s.  Getting into this exclusive hotspot is never easy so you are best off arriving here as early as possible. Open 9 pm till 4 am Thurs-Sat Entry fee is usually around 15-20 Lat. website

Jazz Rock Cafe Krakow ul Slawkowska – The Jazz Rock Cafe is frequented by a largely down to earth and open minded crowd. The decor and vive attempts to attract more of the City’s hipsters but generally fails to do so. The new Smoking area means that non-smokers are left with a small section to avoid the smell of cigarettes. They have a good range of averagely priced beers from all over Europe. The music is an eclectic mix of different genres including smooth Jazz, Blues and Rock n Roll.   Open  5 pm till 4 am during the week and 5 pm till 5 am On Fri/Sat.  There is No entrance fee on most evenings. website

InBlanco Krakow ul Jagiellonska 6 – InBlanco is a happening hotspot which attracts most of its clientele from the city’s student population. It’s a pretty loud joint courtesy of its terrific sound system but it does make it hard to hold a conversation. It’s covenientlly located in the heart of the city.  Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are packed with people when many other city haunts are desserted. Drink prices are nice and cheap and entry is absolutely free.  The soundtrack is provided by a diverse selection of music including Hip Hop, Retro classics and House.   It’s a trendy place with a really amiable crowd. Open 8 pm till 3 am on Fri/Sat and  8 pm till Midnight on Thursday’s. website

Shakers Krakow ul Szewska 5 [first floor] – Shakers is a reference to the cocktail making bar staff in this intimate and opulent venue. The music is predominately  Funk and Electro with records spinned by some of the city’s finest DJ’s. Their speciality is homemade cocktails which range from 10-30 zl. some clubbers are left astounded by the questionable talents of their resident cocktail makers. The toilets are very posh looking as are their opulent, golden round tables. Some of the crowd are a little on the snobbish side but the majority are fairly laid back and friendly. Open 4 pm till 5 am and  4 pm till Midnight On Wednesday’s. Entry is free for the majority of club nights and events. website

Cien [Shadow] Krakow ul SW Jana 15 – Cien is a haven for men on the prowl for female action. Its a long running venue which has gained much notoriety over the years. Mainstream and commercial House Music provided the main soundtrack to the night. You should dress to impress so that means no trainers or sports tops but you don’t need to go overboard and turn up in a 500 Euro Armani suit. Alcohol is easily affordable like most of the City’s venues. Half a litre of beer will cost you just 2 Euro’s on a normal night.   Some of their female clientele have been accused of being too ”Fake”  and for using their good looks to manipulate and tease horny young men. Entry fee is reasonable at around 4 Euro’s and free if you get your hands on a flyer.  The opening hours are Tues-Sat 9 pm till 6 am. website



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