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Moscow Clubbing Guide – Music Dance Night Clubs

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Moscow Clubbing Overview

Moscow has a lively and eclectic nightlife. You can go to live music clubs such as Tochka or B1 or you can enjoy the delights of decadent nightclubs playing House and Techno tunes. Prices are rather exaggerated at some establishments but very reasonable at others. The clubbers here are not necessarily the most welcoming and you need to make a concerted effort to socialize. There are some lavish clubs which in other city’s may be out of people’s price range but here they may offer free entry and affordable alcohol.

There are three places in particular which locals are advocates of and that is the fashionable Simachev Bar,  the infamous Solyanaka and Strelka Bar. You can’t go wrong with those joints and don’t expect to be spoilt with choice because aside from this list there are many dingy, overpriced venues which aren’t even worth considering.

Moscow Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews

Tochka Club, Moscow 6 Leninsky Prospekt 6 – Tochka is a breeding ground for talented Punk and heavy metal bands. The interior is not particularly pleasant but lovers of Rock music should enjoy their night here. Vodka is about 6 Euro’s and beer around 4.  Internationally acclaimed musical acts  Red Snapper and the State of Bengal have both performed gigs at Tochka. They are Open from 6 pm till the last person leaves  at around 7 am usually. website

B1 Maximum Club, 11 Ordzhonekidze Street Moscow – Maximum has a renowned music groups queuing up to play this prestigious Russian venue. International Dance, Hip Hop and Rock acts play the Maximum Club on a regular basis. It’s a large venue with a capacity of 4,000 people. The vibe is positive and lively. Beverages are affordably priced. Open from Midnight till 7 am. website n/a 

Solyanka Club Moscow 11 Solyanka Street – The Solyanka Club  was opened back in 2007 and has become the Mecca of the City’s club scene. It’s a little pretentious in here and is predominately frequented by artistic types and fashionistas.  Their audience tends to be young and their best nights are on Friday’s and Saturday’s.  The queue can be quite long on weekends so try to be patient. Their live DJ’s play notorious Dance and House tracks.  Entry fee is around $10, with most drinks costing $5. website na

Fabrique Club Moscow 33 Sadovnicheskaya – Fabrique originates from the Fabric nightclub in London’ West End and is populated by a youthful and vibrant bunch. There are many levels and a large dance floor to shake your stuff on. The door staff can be very selective at times when the club is especially busy. it’s renowned for its magnificent ambience. The music is mostly House and Dance oriented played by their local and International DJ’s. The drink prices are average for the city.  Open Midday to 6 am on Friday’s and Saturday’s. website

Propaganda Club Moscow 17 B Zlatoustinsky per – Propaganda is one of the Russian Capital’s premiere night clubs. They hold House parties on Thursday and esteemed  Nu rave parties on Friday nights. Electronic music dominate proceeding on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  This is a popular haunt amongst ex-pats and local youngsters. They serve many drink specials during the day including Beers for 2 Euro’s. DJ’S from some highly regarded American and British House labels ply their trade here.  They are Open till 6 am on most

Gaudi Arena Club Moscow 1 Bldg 19 Skladochnaya – Gaudi is a truly hedonistic experience and avoids the pretentious nature of some of Moscow’s other night clubs. International DJ’s frequent the decks at Gaudi on a regular basis. They boast a staggering total of 7 bars have a chill out zone for those who wish to unwind and plenty of comfy couches. Drinks are fairly priced, usually costing around 150-250 Rubbles. Fantastic atmosphere and eye candy on show with scantily clad clubbers and dancers. Music is mostly urban and dance oriented. Globally revered DJ, Paul Oakenfold has played live sets at Gaudi.   Opening hours are  9 pm till 5 am on most nights. website

Bar Strelka Moscow 9 Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya – Strelka is home to creative minded students and trendsetting clubbers. The lavish surroundings add to the unmistakeable ambience of Strelka. The interior and design is unique and breathtaking. They hold acoustic live concerts with guitars and their grand piano. The service is incredibly efficient and the owners are very hospitable. Enjoyable experience but prices are a little steep for those with budgetary constraints. Opening times are till 2 am during the week and 12 pm till 5 am on Friday’s and Saturday’s. website

Krysha Mira Club Moscow Naberezhnaya Tarasa Shevchenko – Krysha Mira is an opulent club which seems to draw in Moscow’s opulent club creatures. They play Techno and House music and Friday’s are by far their busiest nights. Drinks are remarkably costly with a shot of vodka costing you somewhere between 10 and 15 Euro’s. Unless you are wearing designer outfits and speaking English then you will struggle to enter this exclusive venue. Those who don’t have millions to spend should avoid Krysha Mira like the plague. Admission fee is around 20 Euro’s. Open Friday and Saturday Midnight till 6 or 7

Simachev Bar Moscow 12 Stoleshnikov per – Simachev is a Moscow boutique run by infamous Russian  fashion designer  Denis Simachev that turns in to a heaving hot spot at 10 pm. The club is located on the ground floor and The design and decor is very kitsch and lavish. Drinks are averagely priced at $ 10 for a Vodka and 8 for a beer. The music ranges from mainstream Russian pop to house and funk grooves. The majority of its clientele are fashionable, upper class posers. One positive is that entrance is free which is a contributing factor to Simachev’s success. Opening times are 24 hours a day at this most stylish haunt. website n/a

Shanti Club Moscow 2/1 Myasnitsky per – Shanti is a chilled out setting with an authentic eastern flavour. Tuesday’s are all about minimal Techno beats, Monday’s ethnic tunes and Friday’s is Deep Techno night. It’s a cutting edge venue which has garnered a trendy reputation throughout the years. The interior is beautiful and drinks are reasonably priced. Most clubbers here seem to be down to earth and open minded which is an added attraction.  Open till 6



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