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 Oslo Clubbing Guide – Music Dance Night Clubs

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Oslo Clubbing Overview

Oslo is a thriving city where the hard working local folk cannot wait for the weekends so they can let their hair down. The city is home to many affluent club creatures who love spending money on having a good time. There are many different clubs with Rock, Dance, Pop and Hip Hop fans all being left satisfied.

They are very strict on age requirement and it seems as if many establishments will not allow in people under 23 on weekends.  No matter how old you are or what you’re interested in there will be a hotspot which caters to your personal tastes. The locals are fairly aimable but not quite much as in some European countries.

Oslo Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews 

ApenBar Stranden 1 0250 Oslo – ApenBar is one of Oslo’s trendiest venues located right by the Aker Brugge. They operate as  a Cafe during the day serving Coffees, pastries and Sandwiches but it turns in to a happening hotspot from Wednesday to Sunday’s. The upstairs Lounge has an acclaimed DJ playing a popular set of tunes and a unique set list on Wednesday nights. Sunday is probably the bar’s most popular night. A select few felt that their service was a tad abrupt.  Open Mon-Sun 8 am till 3 am. website http://www.aapenbar.no/

Bla  Brennerievien 9c 0182 Oslo –  Bla is a cutting edge nightclub which houses Live Hip Hop, R and B and Jazz performances from some highly rated artists. Some clubbers refer to Bla as the number one Jazz venue in Norway.  The concerts tend to take place early in the evening and once they’re finished Bla transforms into a heaving late Night Club which features some of Norway and Europe’s top DJ talent. Summers at Bla are notorious as they have an Outdoor Leisure Cafe on the banks of the River Akerselva. Open 8 pm till 4 am. website http://www.blaaoslo.no/

Jaeger Grensen 9 0159 Oslo – Jaeger is a stylish  new joint  which plays Modern, commercial Dance Music. Minimal and Funk House are the main musical flavours at Jaeger.  Jaeger tends to attract artistic types and trendsetters. Drink’s are known for being  a little too pricey. The clientele are non-pretentious which is an added bonus.  Monday to Thursday you must be 20 or older to gain admission and on weekends it turns in to an over 23’s club. entry fee is CC100  after Midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Open midday to 3.30 am.website http://www.jaegeroslo.no/

Pigalle Grondlansleiret  15 0190 Oslo – Pigalle Nightclub first opened its historic doors in 1965 and has emerged as one of the Norwegian Capital’s premier Nightclubs. The decor and design is retro as is the music where 1960’s and 70’s classics are blasted out of the Club’s state of the art sound system. Pigalle tends to entice an older crowd of Thirty and 40 something’s. They have a huge dance floor and the ambiance in here is usually Utopian. They have DJ’s playing every Friday and Saturday from 11 pm. Open 4 pm till 3 am on Friday’s and 9 pm till 3 am on Saturday’s. [They are only open on Fri/Sat]  website http://www.olympen.no/pigalle

Revolver Mollergata 32 Oslo – Revolver is an urban Rock Club which plays host to many of Oslo’s up and coming Rock acts.  They have a cocktail bar which offers an extensive range of fruity, colourful drinks. the majority of their beverages are affordable in price.  They hold concerts in the basement of the club. Revolver is viewed as a fashionable haunt to be spotted in. Monday-Thursday and Sunday’s you must be at least 20 years old to gain entry but on Friday and Saturday’s the age requirement is 23 and over. Open  6 pm till 3.30 am Monday to Sunday.  website  http://www.revolveroslo.no/

Nomaden Club Bernt Ankers Gate 17  Oslo – Nomaden is a small venue with an eclectic range of musical styles. Everything from old school Reggae to Funk and Disco can be heard at this vibrant hotspot. Nomaden’s tiny dance floor gives it an intimate feel  and their black and white decor is unique yet ambient. Their imaginative DJ’s  provide the soundtrack whilst you mingle with old friends and new.  Opening hours are Wed to Sun 7 pm till 3 am. Entry is usually around 5 Euro’s.  website  http://www.facebook.com/groups/19342168136

La Belle Sole Observatoriegata  2B 0254 Oslo – La Belle is one of the city’s most upscale and elegant nights out. The club is frequented by opulent posers and so those with budgetary constraints who are more laid back may wish to abstain from here. The door policy can be a little strict and if you are not deemed beautiful or smart enough then you face the risk of being refused admission. Open  11 pm till 3 am Thurs-Sat.  Entry fee is highly expensive at Around 15 Euro’s. website http://www.labellesole.no/

John’s Bar,  Oslo Universitetsgata 26  0162 – John’s is a relaxed and friendly bar where the music plays a prominent role in the enjoyment of your night. They attract a clientele consisting mainly of Twenty something Professionals. You must be at least 24 years old to party at John’s Bar. The music is predominately Rock oriented.  They are open 10 pm till 3 am Thurs-Sun. John’s has garnered a reputation over the years for drunken fools displaying bizarre behaviour. website  http://www.johnsbar.no/

Hard Rock Cafe, Oslo Karl Johans Gate 45 –  Part of the globally renowned chain the Oslo Hard Rock Cafe is one of the city’s most popular nights out. The three floor venue is located on Oslo’s main high street Karl Johan’s. Like other Hard Rock’s across the world the walls are decorated with fascinating Rock n Roll Memorabilia. There is a lively and positive vibe about the place. They have a big bar, restaurant and a live stage. every Friday and Saturday Night from 11 pm the Cafe turns in to a decadent nightclub for over 23’s. They are open from 11 pm till 3 am on these party nights.  website http://www.hardrockcafe.no/

The Villa, Mollergata 23 Oslo – Villa is an infamous Oslo Dance club for over 23’s. Villa plays mostly Techno and Electronic dance music but also features other alternative genres and live acts.  If you are under the age of 23 then you can still  attend if you send an e-mail with your full name to Guestlist@thevilla.no. Local and international DJ’S are lining up to play a set at Villa. The funky grooves attract a party animal crowd. Opening times are Friday/Saturday 11 pm till 3 am   website http://www.thevilla.no/file/Program.html



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