Reykjavik Clubbing Guide + Clubs & Nightlife In Reykjavik

 Reykjavik Clubbing Guide – Music Dance Night Clubs

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Reykjavik Clubbing Overview

This relatively small city does not have a particularly huge Clubbing scene but nonetheless there is still a burgeoning nightlife here.  Some have naively referred to it as the ”Ibiza of Northern Europe” which may be a little off the mark but Icelandic locals are responsible for cultivating a vibrant party atmosphere in the small clubbing area of the city. A lot of the low key bars and cafes in Reykjavik turn in to  a late night dance clubs after they close. The local clubbers enjoy a good ”Runtor” translated in English as pub crawl. Much of Reykjavik’s partying takes place on the main street of Laugavegur in the City centre.

Reykjavik Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews 

Cafe Solon Bankastraeti  7a Reykjavik – Solon is a fashionable venue frequented by a very relaxed and open minded crowd. It operates as a trendy Bar/Bistro throughout the week but transforms in to a nightclub at the weekends. Solon is by no means inexpensive and much of its clientele deal with this problem by consuming vast quantities of alcohol at home and then arriving late at Solon. Their much revered DJ’S play a dance style of Music. Open Fri/Sat 11 am to 5.30 am. website

Nasa Thorvalsanstradei 2 Reykjavik – Nasa is a not a Icelandic space centre but a rather enchanting nightclub. The Dj’S play everything from House to disco Music across three large floors. Major musical acts who are touring in the Icelandic Capital are more than likely to perform here. The live Bands play earlier in the evening before the masses are let loose to party in to the small hours of the morning.  Nasa is the ultimate club for Music lovers. Entry fee is about 1,000 Kronur. website

Vegamot Vegamotastig 4 Reykjavik – Vegamot is a thriving bar with an ideal location in Reykjavik’s city centre. It’s a  2 floor venue which features some of the countries’ finest DJ’s. Vegamot is idyllic for hardcore club creatures as it closes as late as 5 am on Friday’s and Saturday’s. They have a diverse food menu which has become reputable for its fresh fish in the evenings.  Drink prices are fairly reasonable. Mon-Thurs  11 am till 1 am and 11 am till 5 am on Fri/Sat. website

Kaffi Rosenberg Reykjavik Klapparstigur 25 – Kaffi is one of this city’s premiere live music venues. They have different styles here but the performing bands are predominately Jazz and blues oriented. The clientele consists mainly of locals and the Artist themselves tend to be natives of the city. Open Tues-Thurs  4 pm till 12 am and Fri/Sat  7 pm till 1

Austur Club Reykjavik Austurstraeti 7 101 Reykjavik – Arrive here to listen to the sounds of the latest commercial chart and Dance music. Austur receives glowing reviews from most clubbers. The weekends are unsurprisingly the busiest and best nights and the party doesn’t really get started until around Midnight. Its renowned amongst locals, tourists and even Hollywood royalty such as Comedy actor Jim Carrey. Its a modern hotspot frequented by a boisterous crowd who are eager to have a memorable night. They have a fantastic restaurant which operates during the day and serves sumptuous Steaks. website

Club Bohem Reykjavik Grensasvageur 7 – Bohem is an upmarket nightclub located just outside the city. The drive to Bohen should take you no longer than 10 minutes. Prices are not great at Bohem and so I would advise those with shallower pockets to steer clear. There is an array of young women and a bar with an extensive drinks list. Bohem is brimming with Iceland’s Bohemian community and Bohem was at one time part owned by lead singer of Britpop band Damon Albarn.  Open 10 pm till 5 am on Weekends. website n/a

Mojito Posthustraeeti 7 Reykjavik [-  Mojito is one of Reykjavik’s places to be seen. It’s a fashionable nightclub situated in the heart of the city. The club closes to the public during the winter months and is only available to rent for birthday parties or celebrations. This stylish hotspot is housed on the fifth floor of the Apotek Bar and Grill Restaurant. website n/a

Pravda Reykjavik Austurstraeti 12 tel no: 354-522-9222 [- Pravda is a trendy and sought after club frequented by young professionals. Pravda is known for its posers which is a turn off for many tourist and local clubbers.  They have a glass dance floor upstairs which is the epicentre of Pravda. You must be dressed reasonably smart, no jeans or white trainers. The entry fee varies depending on what night you go. Some nights it’s free and some nights it’s around 5-10 Euro’s. Open from 11 pm till 5 am on Fri/ n/a

Kapital Reykjavik Hafnarstraeti 17 – Kapital is a popular yet small club which entices a youthful and exuberant crowd. These hardcore clubbers groove to the latest and retro Techno and Hip Hop Music. kapital offers their customers live music from  up and coming and sometimes off the wall bands. Drinks are fairly expensive.  Gay nights on Friday and Saturday. The service is exceptionally friendly. Open till 5 am on Most

Gaukur a Stong Reykjavik Tryggvagata 22 tel no: 354-551-1556 [- Gaukur is a reliable and chic  nightclub opened in the early 1990’s. It’s  conveniently located in downtown Reykjavik. They are open every night of the week unlike most of the city’s haunts and have a live musical act on the bill on all of those nights too. Gaukur possess a hedonistic atmosphere and the partying goes on till the small hours of the morning. Entry fee is variable depending on the night you attend. the crowd consists of twenty year-olds and above. Live Bands perform here every night from 11  pm on weekdays and Midnight on Weekends. Open  as late as 5 am every n/a



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