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Riga Clubbing Overview

Riga’s nightlife is considered to be amongst  the most vibrant in Eastern Europe.  There is a large number of popular bars and Clubs in and around the Old Town. There are upmarket haunts as well as more affordable hot spots. Latvians are commonly believed to be a conventionally good looking race. The scene may be small but there are suitable destinations for clubbers of all ages and interests.Riga has become reputable for gorgeous women and affordable beer and so it’s status as one of eastern Europe’s party towns  has greatly boosted the local economy.. With so many cheap flights available to Riga this city has become a melting pot for fun loving tourists.

If you are keen to avoid an army of drunken tourists then you are better off visiting  Riga out of season (but beware in winter temperatures can fall as low as -28c) or perhaps partying during the week. Now days some clubs in Riga have a have a very strict admission policy and will not let anyone under 21 in or anyone who has already been drinking.  This is because of bad behaviour and trouble In recent years,  which has for the most part has  been caused by young English clubbers on stag nights. If that’s you show more respect !

 Riga Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews

Club Essential, Skolas 2 – Essential is a stylish, late night haunt which is frequented by some of the continent’s finest DJ’s. You may wish to boogie the night away to take some time to relax in the chic chill out room. The music is fast paced Techno and House.  The design and decor has been accused of  being tasteless. Drinks are pretty expensive with a single vodka and mixer costing about 6 Euro’s. The crowd tend to be an eclectic bunch. Avoid the Club Essential Taxi’s as you are likely to get ripped off. Opening hours are Weds Thurs and Sun 10 pm till 5 am and 10- 9 am On Friday’s and Saturday’s. website http://www.essential.lv

/Depo, Valnu 32 – Depo is an alternative and cutting edge nightclub which entices a more bohemian crowd. Rock, Heavy metal and Reggae are just a few of the musical genres on show here. Live Indie and Garage bands hold regular gigs here but if you’re uninterested then you can just chill with a fairly priced lager on the ground floor. There’s an authentic underground vibe about Depo that distinguishes it from much of its competition on the Riga Club scene. Admission costs about 3-6 LS and opening hours are  5 pm till 5 am. website http://www.klubsdepo.lv/

Friends Elizabetes 55 Radisson Blu Hotel – Friends is a trendy venue which draws a mature clientele. Friends is situated in the basement of the City’s largest hotel and conference centre. You have to be 28 or over to ensure entry to the club. The music is mostly retro hits from the 1970’s 80’s and 90’s. Live acts appear here between Thursday and Saturday to perform cover versions of classic pop tunes. You can enjoy the refreshment of a glass of house Champagne on wine on their comfy sofa’s. Over the years Friends has garnered a reputation for their joyous Karaoke nights.  Entry fee is between 3 and 5 LS and opening hours are  9 pm till 3 am during the week and Fri/Sat 9 pm to 5 am. website http://www.clubfriends.lv/

Moon Safari Kramu 2 – Moon Safaris has been described as a heterosexual haven. This colourful Disco club is brimming with scantily clad, gorgeous women. The soundtrack is provided courtesy of top 40 pop and like many haunts in Riga Safari host popular Karaoke nights. The majority of their alcohol is very cheap  especially the Latvian beer, Lapeclesis. Bouncers are very strict on ID’s so best not to waste your time queuing if you’re under age. The service is incredibly attentive and cordial. VIP rooms are available for the more affluent clubber. Open 5 pm till 7 am. website  http://www.moonsafari.lv/index3.html

G4 Club Gleznotaju 4 – G4 looks like a Biker bar more than anything else but is in fact a very conventional nightclub. They have a good range of European Lagers and beers. They are notorious for their Karaoke evening’s where daring souls brave the stage to display their questionable singing talents. G4 is met with mixed reviews and seems to offer the customer a ”Throughly Average” Night out. Opening times are Thurs/Fri/Sat  6 pm till 2 am. website http://www.facebook.com/G4club
The Club, Kungu 8 – Not the most original name for a venue but The Club could provide you with fun filled memories. There are two sizeable floors which blast out commercial club favourites. The clientele consists of tourists,  Students and attractive locals. There’s a down to earth atmosphere in here which allows you to relax and enjoy. You can avoid paying for entry by downloading a flier from the official website. The beautiful  bar staff are overwhelmingly friendly. Open on Friday and Saturday from 10 pm  till 6 am.website http://www.theclub.lv/

Dstyle Black Palasta 10 –  Dstyle is a dimly lit hotspot populated by celebrities and Eastern European Pop stars. Their Cocktails are arguably the finest in the city. Dstyle tends to attract trendy, local Party-goers who wish to abstain from Riga’s  Techno and House scene. Internationally renowned DJ’s are keen to occupy the decks at this exuberant venue. Open times are Thurs/Fri/sat 10 pm till 6 am website http://www.dstyle.lv/.

Coyote Fly Terbatas 2 – Coyote Fly is an upmarket and exclusive venue. This Lavish hotspot is frequented by Rich, Champagne consuming glitterati. Tourists be warned that Coyote’s strict door policy may deny you entry to the club. The clientele are dressed in stunning designer clothes and some are more than a bit snobbish. I would not recommend this place to anyone with shallow pockets. Latvian Musicians and Rappers are lining up round the block to perform a set here. Fly stereotype all foreign men as Pigs who molest the local women.  Opening times are Thursday 5 pm till 4 am and Fri/Sat 5 pm till 6 am. website  http://www.coyotefly.lv/

Nabaklab ZA  Mereivoca bulv 12  – Nabaklab is an alternative and diverse Entertainment complex. Nabaklab is a notorious favourite amongst Student hipsters. Up and coming Bands and musicians are desperate to get a spot on the bill here. They have a scenic courtyard out back for those who wish to take a pugh in the fresh air. The prices are fantastic with a House beer costing just under 1 LS. If you wish to party to the beats of a local spinner then your needs are catered for. Admission is good value for money at 2 LS. Opening times are 12 pm till 6 am Thurs/Fri/Sat.website http://www.nabaklab.lv/

Bites Blues Club, Dzirnavu 34a – Bites is a Blues/Jazz Club in central Riga. Bites  attracts a mature and artistic mob.  On Friday’s and Saturday’s they have live performances from excellent Blues Bands. You can also watch the Masters of the Genre performing their craft on a large Television screen. They have a scrumptious American food menu and a wide selection of tempting Cocktail’s. website  http://www.bluesclub.lv/

Kabata, Peldu 19 Old Town  – Kabata is a social hub for Young clubbers interested by the Alternative music scene. Local Latvian Rock bands play Gigs here on a regular basis. The clientry is predominately made up of locals but they are Tourist Friendly here as well. Kabata also known as pocket entices a rather young party crowd at night.  You can also watch Plays here directed by up and coming directors. Opening times are from 12 pm to 2 am.website http://www.kabata.lv/

Black Friday, Brivibas 193c – Black Friday is a Hard Rock club with a dark and satanic feel about it.  The main dance hall is pretty spacious at about 350 Square metres. There’s plenty of jovial Karaoke going on across the city but nothing quite like the screaming Metal Karaoke you will be treated to here.  The extreme music ranges from Gothic rock to Heavy metal. The club puts out a large screen TV to display concerts from World famous Rock Bands and singers. Opening times are 6 pm till 5 am Thurs/Fri/Sat. website http://www.melnapiektdiena.lv/

Club Kino, Krisjana Barona 31 – Kino is located in place of what was a Notorious Cinema in the heart of Riga.  Both Local and Continental DJ’s spin house tracks for their adoring public. The club is populated by some foxy looking locals and tourists.  The average clubber here tends to be of a classy disposition.  They hold regular Salsa party’s here for those interested in Latino grooving.  Friday and Saturday 10 pm till 5 am. website http://www.facebook.com/clubkino.lv

La Rocca Revolution,  Brivibas Street  96 La Rocca is a effervescent and large nightclub. Rocca is home to some of Latvia’s most attractive ladies and is very much a Russian establishment. Witness excitable young women provocatively  climbing the dancing poles. This entertainment ensemble also includes a Casino, Restaurant and  raunchy strip bar. Decadent and effusive ravers will feel right at home at La Rocca. A bottle of Heineken lager will cost you around 4 Euro’s. Rocca has been accused of having a somewhat arrogant atmosphere with aloof  Female’s. La Rocca is an early morning affair which opens until the small Morning hours. Doors open at 11 pm and close as late as 8 am. website http://www.larocca-revolution.lv/



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