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 Sofia Clubbing Guide – Music Dance Night Clubs

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Sofia Clubbing Overview

This is one of the European Union’s larger cities with an estimated population of 1.2 million. Sofia boasts a boisterous nightlife. Their effusive clubbers party well in to the early hours of the morning. Many beer lovers feet that the local Schweik Beer is particularly palatable. Bars begin to become deserted at around midnight when the hardcore party-goers head to one of the city’s happening venues. There’s plenty of clubs to choose from whether you are an advocate of Live bands, Euro pop and Dance Music or Techno tunes. The locals are renowned for their cordial nature and as long as you are respectful and open minded then you will get on with them just famously.

Sofia Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews

Escape, Sofia 1 Angel Kanchev Street 0 Escape is one of the biggest and highly regarded dance clubs in Bulgaria. It’s decor and lighting is steeped in modernity. This super club’s soundtracks is provided courtesy of contemporary and old Skool house tracks. Its a vibrant atmosphere with a beautiful clientele. Be wary of thief’s and pick pocketers patrolling the club. Entry fee is cheap  between 1 – 5 leva.  website

Swinging Hall, Sofia 8 Dragan Tzankov Boulevard  – The hall was opened back in 1995 and has established itself as one of the city’s trendiest Jazz joints. Popular amongst a hipster crowd who love nothing more than watching live Jazz, rock and Blues acts displaying their musical talents. Their Sunday Jam sessions are legendary and usually have the place buzzing. The crowd consists mainly of fascinating and artistic minded people. Be warned though as prices for drink are far from cheap. Entry fee is usually round 5 leva.  Opening hours are  9 pm till 4 am. website

Back Stage, Sofia 100 Vasil levski boulevard [- Back stage is a  live music venue which has been running since the dawn of the new millennium.  They have performances from some fine local and international Jazz and Blues groups every night of the week. Wednesday is specifically a Blues night with Bulgarian musicians providing the entertainment. Nice and affordable local beers are on sale. They have a swinging vibe for cool cats and fashionista’s alike. Open 8pm – 5am. entry fee is  cheap at about 3 or 4 Euro’ n/a

Buddha Bar, Sofia 15 A Lege Street tel no: 989-5006 – Buddha is a trendy venue locate din the middle of this vibrant city. The decor has a Buddhist/ Asian theme which exudes a magical ambience. Drinks are a little pricey unfortunately. They are open 24 hours a day, the party goes on all night. Their trendy disco starts at 9 pm every night. website n/a

Yalta Club, Sofia Tzar Osvoboditel 20 – Yalta is the oldest club in the city and is directly opposite the  Sofia University building. They have resident and guest DJ’s flown in from all over the world to keep the party bumping.  They have fantastic design and decor which significantly contributes to Yalta’s appeal. Recent comments indicate that it has become incredibly expensive here and the door staff have never been the most polite Bulgarians you will ever meet. The music is contemporary urban and Dance oriented tracks. They are open 9 pm till 5 am.  Entrance fee is around 5 euro’s. website

Sin City, Sofia Bol Hristo Botev 61 -= This is a lavish and huge nightclub frequented by an affluent and pretentious clientele. The main musical flavour is Pop folk but with other genres thrown in as well for good measure. Drinks are out of most clubbers price range.  Opening hours are 10.30 pm to 6.30 am. The entrance fee is inexpensive at about 3 leva. website http://www.sin

Mascara, Sofia bul G.S Rakovski 113 – Mascara is a rather hip and sultry affair located in the basement of the City’s opera house.  the soundtrack is provided courtesy of their DJ’s spinning Urban and House dance tracks. There is an opulent VIP lounge available for affluent clubbers or those holding parties. They have three different rooms each containing their own individual vibe and atmosphere. The Entrance fee is 8 Leva and beer,  spirits are affordably priced. Open Weds-Sat 11 pm till 5 am. website

Chervilo, Sofia bul Tsar Osvoboditel 9 [military club] Chervilo is a swanky restaurant during the day and an even swankier club at night. It’s designed in a rustic 19th century style which gives it a real grandiose vibe. They have lots of separate rooms in this spacious venue and the primary musical genre is House and Techno music. A beer will set you back about 5 Euro’s.   Opening hours are 9 am till 5 am.  The Entry fee is around 10 leva. website

My Mojito,  Sofia ul ivan Vazov 12 tel no: 359-89549-0691 – This fashionable venue never lacks in ambience. It’s amorous atmosphere gives it a cool and chilled out vibe. The trendy crowd are pretty down to earth. the musical range is diverse with Jazz, New Wave, Rock and Pop all playing their part at Mojito. Opening hours are  9 pm till 5 am. admission charge on weekends about 10-20 Leva, but mostly free during the n/a

Sofia Live Club, Sofia pl. Bulgaria 1 NDK – Sofia Live Club is a beautifully designed haven for live Jazz. Blues and  Soul acts to entertain the masses in. The club’s reputation is based solely on the quality of the local and foreign bands that perform here. Open Tuesday till Sunday 8 pm to 7 am. They also host regular, heaving Salsa parties. World famous musicians such as  Billy Cobham and Spaniard  Raul Midon have played this  hot  spot in the last couple of years. Entrance fee varies depending on tickets for events with most being in the price range of 10-15 LV. website



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