Stockholm Clubbing Guide + Clubs & Nightlife In Stockholm

Stockholm Clubbing Guide – Music Dance Night Clubs

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Stockholm Clubbing Overview

Clubbing in the Swedish capital is an enjoyable yet expensive business. Many clubs have entry and drink prices which are simply unaffordable for tourists travelling on a budget. Some of the cheaper and more relaxed venues are the Rock clubs like  Pet Sounds and Debaser Medis. The Swede’s have a reputation for beauty and there’s no doubt that their is much to admire in terms of scenery  for both male and female Party-goers.

Stockholm night clubs on the south side of the city in the Södermalm area generally less informal. and dress codes are genrally relaxed than on the east side where clubbing can be a very expensive night out – not that anywhere in Stockholm is cheap. The formality aspect of Stockholm clubs is at first little bewildering – for example a group of revellers arriving in a taxis tends to be frowned upon by doorman who are notoriously unfriendly and certainly do not suffer fools or drunks. You have been told!

Stockholm Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews 

Cafe Opera Karl XII is Torg Stockholm – Opera is a lavish palace which plays host to some of the city’s most fashionable clubbers. Opera does have a reputation for being frequented by so called ”Posers” which I suppose is inevitable in such an upmarket and trendy nightclub. The interior is quite magnificent and you must dress to impress if you wish to gain admission. Entry fee and drinks prices are extravagantly priced.Open Tues-Sat 5 pm till 1 am and  7 pm till 3 am on Sunday.  website

Ice Bar Stockholm Vasaplan 4 1120 – Ice Bar is the City’s only bar made entirely out of ice. This unique and spectacular looking venue’s temperature remains constant at 23 degrees fahrenheit. Wear proper shoes to avoid getting cold feet. Their Loganberries and Vodka drinks are highly recommended. Ice Bar certainly offers a rare and memorable experience but at 18 Euros for admission you may feel it’s simply not worth it. Open till 11 pm during the week and 1 am on

White Room Jakobsbergs Gatan 29 Stockholm -The White Room must take its name from the song by legendary English musical artist Eric Clapton. Opulent clubbers can indulge in drinking Champagne and grooving to the sounds of the latest commercial tunes.  You are advised to arrive early [before midnight] or run the risk of being refused admission. There is a generally upbeat, positive vibe at White Room but plenty of downsides as well. Entry fee is extortionately priced at  180 SEK and their door policy is remarkably strict. The bouncers do have a reputation for being heavy handed on occasion so be careful. They stay open until 5 am on Most nights. 21 plus. website

Ambassadeur Stockholm   Kungsgatan 18 Ambassadeur is a  versatile nightclub steeped in modernity. Its a hedonistic hotspot which plays R and B as well as soul and even retro classics from the 80’s and 90’s. You must be 25 or older to gain entry to Ambassadeur which usually means there is less immaturity than at other establishments. Open Friday and Saturday 10 pm till 4 am. Entry fee is a little steep at 160 KR. website

Sturecompagniet Sturegatan 4 Stockholm –  It’s one of the Swedish capitals’ largest and most glamorous nightclubs. They have plenty of bars for you to purchase a fruity cocktail or beer and dance floors for you shake your booty on. entry can be problematic in the early hours so attempt to get here before 1 am to enhance your chances of securing entry to the club. They play lots of different musical styles including  Euro Pop and dance music. Opening hours are 10 pm till 3 am on Thurs to Sat. admission is 120 KR. website

Hells Kitchen Stockholm Sturegatan 4 Hells Kitchen is the place for late night club creatures to keep the party going. Most clubs will shut around 3 am and so party animals arrive at Hells Kitchen to continue dancing in to the small hours of the morning. The decor is impressive and stylish and the Kitchen is usually packed out come 3.30 am. They have a retro area for Heavy Metal music.  The age Limit is 23 and you are better of arriving before 3 am if you want to be sure of actually getting in. The soundtrack is provided by House DJ’s playing the latest in commercial and Mainstream Dance and House.  Open Thurs-Sat 11 pm till 5

Spybar Stockholm Birger Jalsgartan 20 -Spybar is arguably Stockholm’s most revered nightclub.  Spy attracts a largely alternative crowd as well as minor celebrities. Things don’t tend to heat up until 3 am when the drunken crowd really begin to let loose. Like a few other joints the door staff have been accused of denying clubbers entry for no justifiable reason.  closes at 5 am on most

Debaser Medis Stockholm Medborgarplatsen 8 – Debaser is a buzzing live music venue situated in the heart of  Soldermalm. Weekends are the most popular time at Debaser. They have club nights, and Music concerts over the course of this multi/levelled venue. Some of Sweden’s  most talented Rock acts are eager to be placed on the bill at Debaser. You must be at least 18 to attend a concert and 20 for the club night. entry fee is reasonable at about 100 SEK and the drink prices are average. open 7 or 9 pm till 3

Snotty Sounds Bar Stockholm Skannegatan 90 Sodermalm The bizarrely named Snotty is a sought after hangout for fans of Sweden’s Indie Rock scene. There is Rock memorabilia covering the walls and this intimate venue is much more focused on the actual music than other more pretentious venues in the city. The service is adequate and the prices are good in comparison to other Stockholm haunts.  Some clubbers felt that Snotty was just too small and cramped for them to enjoy their night. Beers cost about 45 SEK.  Open daily from 4 pm till 1

Pet Sounds Bar Stockholm Skanegatan 80 11637Pet – Sounds is named after the iconic Beach Boys album from 1966 and is run by the owners of a Stockholm record store of the same name. The music is regarded as top notch  and some of the countries’ top DJ’s frequent the decks here. It has a colourful and animated vibe about it. The service is amiable and attentive.  The Clientele are more down to earth than the majority of Swedish nightclubs. They have a magnificent restaurant as well which serves culinary delights made from the freshest ingredients. Open till 1 am all



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