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Tallinn Clubbing Overview

Tallinn has a thriving club scene which is becoming increasingly popular. Tallinn has just under half a million people living here but has still managed to gain a reputation for its  nightlife.  There is a wide range of clubs to suit all kinds of interests and personalities from serious clubs playing serious sounds to more commercial joints aimed at the stag parties.which put the Tallinn clubbing scene on the map a decade ago.

The majority of their nightclubs are frequented by open minded and relaxed folk who are just interested in having fun. Some have bestowed upon Tallinn the moniker of party Capital of Northern Europe and after visiting this hedonistic city it’s hard to disagree. Tourists flock here in their droves to see what all the fuss is about.  However peoples  experience and.views on the music and dance clubs of Tallinn may vary. You should be aware that many clubs have a 20 or 21 age limit.

Tallinn Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews 

Club Baila, Sauna 1 – Baila is an exotic looking venue where there is sexy Latin grooves and tropical  cocktails. Exhibitionists will feel right at home in this open minded and care free hotspot. The interior is bright and colourful which sums up the mood of Baila. There’s no doubt that the stunning waitresses’ provide great eye candy and amiable service. They have a fascinating drinks menu which is reasonably priced.   Opening hours are Wednesday and Thursday 9 pm till 4 am. Friday and Saturday 9 – 6 am. website  http://bailabaila.ee/en

Arena 3 Sadama 6 Harjumaa 10111  – Arena is hidden away in the Port area of the city. Arena is arguably the largest club in the Old Town. There is a huge roof top terrace for those who wish to converse and drink in the fresh air. The atmosphere is generally pretty friendly. The clientele consists mainly of local Estonians  mixed in with Russian Estonians. The crowd are predominately young and down to earth. Opening hours are Friday and Saturday  11 pm till 8 am and closed for the rest of the week. Entry fee is typically around 10 Euros. website  http://www.arena3.ee/

Bon Bon, Mere Pst. 6e – Bon Bon allures a most attractive and fashionable crowd. In an attempt to keep supposed commoners out the drink prices are extortionate. Those travelling on a budget should be warned that a trip to Bon Bon could leave them out of pocket. This club is 21’s and over so don’t even bother if you are under age because the statuesque door staff won’t give you a chance unless you’re remarkably good looking. Highly recommended for a weekend away with the lads if you have money about your person. Opening hours are Friday and Saturday from 11 pm till 4 am. website  http://www.bonbon.ee/index.php/en/

Club Hollywood Vana-Posti 8 – Hollywood is a trendy place which entices  young party animals. There is quite a touristy feel to the place, natives and tourists seem to mingle with ease. The great news for Ladies is that Wednesday’s is their night so entry is free which also draws in men on the prowl. the women are beautiful and approachable. Beers are affordably priced.  Some local women felt that Hollywood is too full of sleazy male tourists. Open Wednesday to Saturday 11 pm till 5 am. website http://www.clubhollywood.ee/

Cathouse, Viru/Valjak 4/6 10111The Cathouse is arguably Tallinn’s sexiest party night. There are playboy parties topless female DJ’s and risque sex shows on offer here. Men may find it hard to focus on anything but the beautiful sight of topless female’s on the decks. The clientele is largely Russian. The door staff are fairly laid back and the main style of music is ”Cheesy’ pop. Entry fee is 3 to 8 Euros.  Opening hours are Wednesday and Thursday 11 pm till 4 am and Fri/Sat 11 pm till 5 am. website  http://www.cathouse.ee/

Club Prive, Harju 6 Kesklinn  – Prive is a renowned destination for the ”Beautiful people” and fashionistas alike. On certain nights you are treated to some of Eastern Europe’s finest DJ’s and on other nights you may be left a little disappointed. You should check the website before deciding what night to visit Prive. Saturday nights has an urban flavour with the latest in R n B and Hip Hop tunes. This small club has plenty of character and the age restriction is 20 Plus. Entry fee may be anywhere between a reasonable 7 and an expensive 14 Euro’s. Opening times are Wednesday and Thursday 11 pm till 4 am and 11 pm till 6 am on Friday and Saturday’s. website  http://www.clubprive.ee/

Panoraam, Ahtri 10 Tallinn  – Panoraam promotes up and coming Estonian pop acts. It’s just a short distance from the infamous Old Town. When a popular group or singer is playing then youngster’s flock here in their droves. They hold occasional 90’s parties which attract a slightly older crowd of Twenty and thirty something’s.  Opening times are Friday and Saturday 11 pm till 5 am.  website  http://www.clubpanoraam.ee/

Club Studio, Sauna 1 Tallinn Studio is most popular amongst the 18- 28 age group. The set list is diverse with DJ’S playing everything from    Old School House to Rock music. The crowd are hyped up for a drunken night of flirting and partying. Drink prices are average and entry fee is usually about 10 Euros.  Opening times are Fri/Sat 11 pm till 5 am. website http://clubstudio.ee/

Tapper Parnu mnt 158g – Tapper is an edgy  Rock club that holds plenty of live events and concerts. Opened back in the summer of 2008 Tapper has emerged as a pivotal venue for Rock fans in the Estonian capital. Jack Daniels Whisky is the beverage of choice. Many of Europe’s cutting edge rock acts appear to perform at this raucous and effusive venue. Check the website for details what band are playing and when. Opening hours are Mon-Thurs 11 – 4 am and Fri/Sat  they remain open until 5 am. website  http://clubstudio.ee/

Partei Ravala pst 8 Partei is a late night  underground club largely frequented by youthful hippie types. They have a wide range of music, some of which may you be unaccustomed to. Techstep, Jungle and Breakbeat to name but a few of their unique Musical choices.  It’s an exuberant venue where drinks are a little on the pricey side. Some of it’s clientele look to be suffering from some sort of out of body experience which makes you question if Alcohol is the only drug they’ve been taking that night. Friday and Saturday Midnight to 5 am. website  http://www.parteiklubi.ee/

Cafe Amigo Viru Valjak 4 [Sokos Hotel] Viru – Amigo is a Hotel club which is one of the City’s most happening joints. The crowd tend to be a few years older than your average Tallinn nightclub. Estonian Live Rock and Blues bands perform sets for their mature public. You are more likely to engage in interesting and adult conversation here than many of the other dance club’s. Retro hits from the 1970’s through to the 90’s are played here to appease the older and more nostalgic clubber. Unlike some other places, the DJ’s play before the bands. Admission is 5 Euros on weeknights and 8 on Friday’s & Saturday’s.   You must be 21 or over to gain entry to the club. Open 10 -4 am during the week and 10 -5 am on Fri/Sat. website  http://www.amigo.ee/

Venus Club Tallinn Vana-Viru 14 10148  – Venus Club is a heaving Dance Club. The summer’s most exciting night is Friday’s where they have Summer Beach Parties. Dance DJ Aivar Havi is a resident spinner here. They have drinking happy hours where all drinks are half price, check the website for further details. Some tickets are free for club nights but some are between 3 and 7 Euros’ depending on the event. They have a broad selection of affordable cocktails.  Hardcore partying goes on in this  club reminiscent of an old Eastern European palace. Venus was more touristy a few years back but has emerged as a major favourite with Estonian locals. They are open everyday of the week except Sundays closing at 5 am on most day’s. website  http://www.venusclub.ee/?lang=eng

Club Munt Muurivahe 22 Munt is a feel good nightclub with fantastic prices. They are arguably the cheapest club in the city with a large percentage of  drinks such as Rum and Coke costing a mere 1 Euro.  Munt is laden with barely dressed women and is probably a heterosexual man’s idea of paradise. Formerly the Spider Club the new name Munt means both Mint and Coin in the Estonian language. Opening hours are Weds and Thurs 11pm till 4 am and 11 to 5 am on Fri/Sat. website  http://www.clubmynt.eu/

Teater Vabaduse Valjak 5  –  Teater meaning Theatre in Estonian  offers a more interesting and extravagant experience than that of most Of Tallinn’s nightlife. There’s a really theatrical vibe about the place. The clientele are a little more pretentious than your average Estonian clubber. The design and decor has a 1930’s theme which adds to it’s nostlagic ambience. Drinks are by no means inexpensive. There are regular live performances from some top notch acts. Teater offers you the chance to converse and socialise with some interesting and creative characters. Admission is 8 Euros and you must be over 20 to get  in. The service here is of the highest quality.   Open on Friday’s and Saturdays from 11 pm to 5 am.  website  http://www.klubiteater.ee/et



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