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Vienna Clubbing Overview

Vienna may be no London or New York but it offers a wide range of options for club creatures even though it  is synonymous with Jazz,swing and the classics. Vienna’s  swanky bars here make for a great night out but at a princely cost.  That said there is broad selection of Dance and commercial clubs to choose from with some offering decent value for money and others are simply extortionate. Vienna is definitely no clubbing mecca, but if you’re in the Austrian capital and you want to party then you should be heading home tired and  more than satisfied.

Vienna Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews 

Volksgarten, Vienna Burgring 1 – Volksgarten is a hedonistic venue located in the public gardens in the north of the city. There are three separate rooms the Banana, the dapper Disco Bar and the pal-filled Evergreen Garden. The clientele tend to be rather glamorous with women wearing designer outfits and the men , suited and booted. The drink Prices are fairly expensive with a bottle of beer costing as much as 6 Euro’s. They host some interesting themed nights with everything from a Michael Jackson Party to  the promiscuous provocateur Ball. Admission prices range from being free to 15 Euro’s. no set opening hours, open from  Tues-Sat. website

Passage Nightclub, Vienna, Burgring 3  Babbenbergerstarsse [corner] – Passage is an Underground venue bizarrely situated in a disused Subway. In recent years Passage has emerged as one of Vienna’s most buzzing hotspot’s. The music is predominately house and Dance spun by a talented array of local DJ’s.  This  popular venue with its sleek interior is usually crammed with clubbers at the weekend, but some male customers found the Women to be a little pretentious and or snobbish which comes as little surprise when one of you club nights is called Vanity. Drink prices are pretty expensive.  Make sure that you dress to impress if you want to ensure your entry to this posh venue.  Open Mon-Sat 6 pm till 4 am and Sunday 6 pm till 2

Rhiz, Vienna Babenbergerstrasse 1 – Rhiz is a night club which takes it self rather seriously. The main soundtrack to the evening is provided by the best in Electronica Music. It’s regarded as a trendy hangout amongst the city fashionista’s and student population. There are intricate Multimedia images coming from the club’s projector screen which adds to the Psychedelic atmosphere.  They have a fully stocked bar with averagely priced beers, wines and cocktails. The dress code is casual and the opening hours are from 6 pm daily with DJ’s performing from 9 pm onwards. Admission is Free. website

Studio 67, Vienna, Mariahilf  Pilgramgasse Gumpendorferstr 67 – This trendy nightclub is brimming with hipster’s and  and open minded music lovers from predominately affluent backgrounds. The staff are very helpful and polite, and have a great command of the English language. The white furniture exudes an elegant and amorous ambience. There are expensive cocktails and even more expensive bottles of Champagne on offer. There is a non-smoking lounge and a  separate club room which is often buzzing with the sounds of Live DJ’S spinning urban dance tunes. Open Thurs-Sat 8 pm till 4 am. no info on entry fee. website

Fluc, Praterstern 5 Vienna – Fluc caters to all musical tastes and preferences. Their eclectic Musical line up includes Hip Hop, Rock, Dance, Blues and Progressive style music. Their beer and wine are decently priced with a beer costing around 3 Euro’s and a glass of wine about 5 Euro’s. Fluc also hosts regular Music concerts.  There is an upstairs and downstairs dance floor which provide different kinds of beats. Opening hours are 10 pm till 5 am every day. Entry fee is usually around 5 Euro’s. website

Sass Club, Vienna Karlsplatz 1 1010 – Sass is a well run Underground club with mostly amiable and efficient staff. The decor is fairly modern and makes for a somewhat chic evening. Their alcohol speciality is afford ably priced Cocktails.  When most clubs have closed their doors for the night, Sass remains open for the hardcore club creatures who have unfinished business. The soundtrack is provided by various different types of dance music from Techno and  Minimal to Electronic and Deep House.  Opening times are 10 pm till 6 or 7 am. No admission fee. website

Roxy Club Vienna Operngasse 24 – Roxy is one of Vienna’ most popular haunts.  They are Open from  9 pm till 4 am on Friday and 10 till 4 am on Saturday. Revered DJ’s from Austria’s Electronic scene frequent the decks at Roxy and blast out  the bets of that genre for their adoring public. Drink prices are a little are on the extortionate end of the scale.  It gets pretty packed in here and so if you are looking for more room to chill then Roxy is definitely not the one for you. The clientele consists mainly of 25 year olds and over. Admission costs around 5 Euro’s. website

Flex Vienna A Donaukanal – Flex possess a state of the art sound system which may have your ears ringing for days. Flex is frequented by some of Austria’s top Drum and Bass Dj’s. Be sure to check what event is on on their official website before setting off. Everything from Alternative Rock to downbeat  and  Techno Grooves are played at Flex throughout the week. Veterans of the Vienna club scene Kruder and Dorfmeister play a regular set here every Monday. The club receives mixed reviews from clubbers, but many were annoyed at the amount of what looked to be underage children managed to gain admission in to the club. Opening hours are Daily 9 am till 4 am. Entrance fee is around 10 Euro’s and drinks are priced between 7 and 11 Euro’s. website

Fledermaus Club Vienna 2 Spiegelgasse – This popular venue attracts clubbers of all ages. Things tend to get pretty rowdy and crazy in here and so the faint of heart who wish for relaxed evening,  should probably go elsewhere. The eclectic line-up of music includes everything from funky 70’s tunes to cheesy 80′ pop hits. Vodka is the main drink sold here and it is priced affordable for its customers. This club is located between Hofburg and Stephansplatz. Opening hours are 9 pm till 3 am. No information on Admission price. website

Allin Bar Vienna U-Banhbogen 90-91 – This fairly new venue is located just a couple of minutes walk from Alserstrasse. The club is reminiscent of a New York night club with Hip Hop, House and Electro music dominating the set list. They often hold Jazz sessions here on a Sunday night. Admission tends to be free during the week but there is a cover charge of around 5 Euro’s at the weekend. They have an extensive range of colourful cocktails and bar snacks. No Information on Admission price. website

Kaiko Club Vienna Stadtbahnbogen 172-175 – This down to earth hot spot has a fun loving clientele with upbeat tunes. There are special All You Can drink offers on different beverages. The crowd consists mainly of youngsters  and a few older men hopelessly  trying their luck with pretty young things. Kaiko is a vibrant joint, ideal for hardcore club creatures. Open from 9 pm till 4 am. website

KJU Bar Vienna Stadtbahnbogen, the Gurtel  142-144 – KJU is a popular joint frequented by clubbers in their late teens and early 20’s. There are some scantily clad females who entice young men on the prowl. Their alcoholic beverages are most generous and many male and females felt that this was one of Vienna’s best  spots for ”Pulling”. Their alcohol speciality is cocktails and for information on different events be sure to check the club’s official website. Open Mon-Sun 9 am till 4 pm and the entry fee is usually about 13 Euro’s. website!HOME/mainPage



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