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Vilnius Clubbing Overview

Lithuania is arguably one of the fastest developing countries in Eastern Europe. The country has seen a lot of hardships and  finally achieved its independence in 1991. Vilnius is the capital city and The majority of its visitors tend to be overwhelmed by the comfort of their trip. The public seem to have a real lust for life  and as long as you are respectful of them they will be more than amiable.

The club scene is incredibly ambient but like any other city some venues are not to everyone’s taste.  Overall you will find Vilnius to be full of character and charm and if you treat the locals with necessary respect then your escapade should be a memorable one

Vilnius Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews

13 Tilto 13 0 13 is the ultimate in mainstream clubbing. It has a party like atmosphere and most people are here to dance and have fun. They have different theme nights including teasing Wet T-shirt competitions.  13 is full of adventurous women who seem keen on making new acquaintances. Drink prices are fairly reasonable. Open 11 pm till 6 am. Entry fee is

Opium, Islandijos 4 – Opium is a small venue located in the heart of Briusly. The club was created by a group of DJ’s who are passionate about their craft. If you are a fan of the true art of DJ’ing then you are likely to be satisfied here. Their soave Monday Jazz sessions have gained much notoriety in recent times. Only open on Fridays from 10 pm till 6 am. Entry fee is good value at 10LT. website  na

Lithuanian Wild Club Gedimino 24 – The Wild Club is not for the faint of heart. Their saucy strip shows and Male strippers alienate the Male clubber.  At first it was a rather fun destination but over the years has become strangely outlandish. The music is mostly commercial pop and their alcohol speciality is cocktails. A few women have complained about the lack of chivalry shown by the club’s male clientele. open 10 pm to 6 am. Entry fee is between 10 and 15 LT. website

Seacret Vokiecu 2 – This fascinating and dazzling club is the brainchild of some of Lithuania’s leading entrepreneurs.  They make divine cocktails from freshly squeezed fruit juice. The music is dance oriented and  Seacret tends to draw mainly Twenty Something’s. Drinks are well priced and the free entry leads to the place being packed out every Saturday night. The level of service is of a satisfactory standard. Entry is free and opening hours are Thursday 9 pm till 3 am and on Friday and /Saturday  9 to 5 am website

Tarantino Traku 2 0 Tarnatino is indeed a tribute to maverick  American film director Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino is a cocktail bar which is home to trendsetting students and young artistic types. There are film posters covering the walls to add to the ambience. Most who have frequented the venue described their night as a pleasantly  original adventure. Entrance ranges from free to 20 LT dependant on what night you come. Opening hours are Thurs to Sat  10 pm till 5

Pabo Latino Traku 3/2 – Pabo Latino adds a little hispanic spice and rhythm to Vilnius. The vibe here is generally positive and the nights can sometimes become chaotic. The Music is played live by accomplished Latin Musicians. They have an extensive selection of Cocktails to choose from. This is not an ideal destination for inhibited souls. If you don’t already know how to do dance Latino style then Pabo Latino  will teach you. There are two bars and three large halls of fun. The club has been criticized for  possessing aggressive and sometimes violent tourists. on Some nights you are likely to see a lot of older, single gentleman propping up the bar.   Entry fee is 15-30 LT. website

Play Club Pamenkalnio 17/3 – Play is a quaint favourite amongst Lithuanian locals. You can play table football at this hidden gem whose  weird choice of music can be strangely enjoyable. Look out for the Green triangle on the door and that’s Play. Some natives feel Play is a good shelter from horny Tourists looking to seduce local Women. Opening times are 8 to 3 am and  8 till 2 am on Sunday’ n/a

G J Jasinskio 16C tel no: 370-5260-78-00 – The club formerly known as Gravity was once one of the Country’s most revered Dance nightclubs.  Techno, Hip Hop and Drum and Bass will provide the soundtrack to your party. The change in name has also seen a drop in standards. The venue itself is really rather impressive but its location, far away from the City centre makes it very inconvenient. G is a historic hotspot in that it was formerly used as  nuclear shelter.   Opening hours are 11 pm till 5 am Thurs-Sat.  website n/a

Neringa Cafe and Bar Gedimino 23 – Neringa is an old fashioned joint which acts as a  cafe serving delectable food during the day but is a heaving Music venue at night. Thursday’s are their Live Jazz nights and on weekends Neringa is mostly frequented by middle aged couples who aren’t short of a few quid. The music is Retro hits that allow the mature clientele to relive their glory days. Open Friday 11 pm till 3am and Saturday 5 – 3 am the rest of the week it’s open till 11 pm. Closed Sun”s. website

Galaxy Club, Konstitucijos 26 – Galaxy is a Three floor super club situated in the huge Forum Palace. Galaxy turns in to a club On Friday and Saturday nights and is held in high regard when it comes to decadent partying. There’s a plethora of charismatic clubbers to mingle with. There’s a really positive vibe here and plenty of  opportunity to indulge in adventures with strangers.  Not all the reviews of Galaxy are favourable. Admission i15 Lita’s before midnight & 20 Lita’s

Intro Club, Maironio 3 – Intro is a manic nightclub which is a real breath of fresh air on the Vilnius Club Scene. Wednesday is Reggae nights, Reggae music  is slowly gaining a dedicated following in the Lithuanian capital. The scene at Intro  is bizarrely reminiscent of a College or University house party. Intro is  suited to  young and energetic party animals. The King of Reggae, Mr Bob Marley himself has a shrine at Intro. Expect DJ’S to spin old school anthems of triumph and tropical

Sky Bar[Bar] Konstitucijos Prospektas  20 – Sky Bar is a  trendy Lounge bar set on the 22nd floor of a hotel building. You will be forgiven if you’re nose starts bleeding and those who have issues with heights should steer clear. The red lounge chairs give off a somewhat cosy and amorous vibe. The service is of the highest quality and their drinks list is a Cocktail enthusiast’s dream. They serve Pina Colada’s and a range of tasty yet pricey snacks. The view  of the city at night from that high up is really quite breathtaking. Opening hours are Weekdays 4 pm till 1 am and  4 pm to 2.30 am on

Woo Club Vilniaus 22 – Woo is an urban hotspot which plays European  House and Electro tunes. The Clientele consists mainly of Twenty Something professionals. They have an intriguing Pan Asian menu which serves everything from Kimchee to Chicken feet. They have a long and interesting  Cocktail list but be wary they come at a hefty price. An ideal destination for late night clubbers.  Entry is completely free on most Thursday’s. Opening hours are Monday to Sunday 7 pm – 3 am. website

Cocainn Gedimino 2a tel no: 370-600-478-62  – The strangely named Cocainn is a fairly sizeable nightclub. They have three main rooms one which you can enjoy the culinary delights of a gourmet meal, A cocktail lounge for fashionistas and a nightclub with men and women dressed in all kinds of suggestive and colourful costumes. Cigar smokers will be pleased to know that the club has a separate section for them to suck back on a good old Cuban. Opening times are 10 pm till 5 am on Thursday’s and 10 pm till 6 am on Fri/Sat. website na



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