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Warsaw Clubbing Overview

Warsaw’s nightlife is full of glamour and decadence. There is a lack of variety with not as many alternative and rock clubs as Helsinki or Krakow. Most clubbers offer good value for money on drinks but there is the odd exception where pretentious club creatures frolic with extortionate bottles of champagne. The people are generally pretty friendly and there are clubs closing as late as 8 am meaning that you can party until work starts the next day.

Warsaw Clubbing Guide With Club Reviews 

Capitol Warsaw Ul Marszallowska 115 – This is one of Warsaw’s most glamorous and futuristic looking venues. It’s a pretty exclusive venue where the door policy is strict so guys in particular must dress to impress. Many internationally renowned DJ’s play this exuberant setting.  The drinks are more expensive than your average Warsaw joint.  The music is mostly mainstream pop and dance oriented. Open Fri and Sat 10 pm till 5 am.  Entry fee is 20-30 Zloty’s. website http://www.clubcapitol.pl/

Bank Club, Warsaw Ul Mazowiecka 14 – Bank has emerged as Warsaw’s new trendy hot spot. The atmosphere is spectacular and what a club should be all about with its fun loving clientele. The design and decor is rather elegant and borders on kitsch. The drinks such as cocktails and beers represent good value for money. The smooth sounds of their cool soundtrack is another reason that most fall in love with this place. Opening hours are Tues-Thurs 6 pm till 2 am and 6 pm till 5 am on Fri/Sat. website http://www.bankclub.pl

Club Mirage, Warsaw pl. Defilad – Club Mirage is a unique and vibrant club which is renowned for its hedonistic nights of excess.  The drink prices represent good value for money. The music is primarily House/Dance oriented. Opening hours are Weds and Thurs 9 pm till 3 am and 9 pm till 5 am on Fri/Sat. Entrance fee is 15-30 Zloty’s. website http://www.clubmirage.pl/

Dekada Warsaw Ul Grojecka 19/25 – Dekada in Warsaw’s city centre  is swimming with young model looking women being hit on by ex pats twice their age.  The dance floor gets incredibly packed allowing for some really raucous nights to take place  here. They have an eclectic line up of music throughout the week with chart pop,  80’s cheese and Disco  Tunes ruling the airwaves on weekends. Entrance is a little steep at around 11 Euro’s and a bottle of beer will cost you about 5 Euro’s. Opening times are Weds and Thurs 8 pm till 3 am and Fri/Sat 9 pm till 5 am. 10 PLN for admission.website http://www.dekada.pl/

Lemon Club, Warsaw Ul Sienkiewicza 6 – This is a pulsating venue which offers a varied range of music and people. They host Live music, art Performances  and disco nights under the same roof. There is a definite retro feel about Lemon, with its 80’s and 70’s classics blaring out their quality sound system. The drinks are very well priced, so getting tipsy will not see you out of pocket. The clientele are down to earth and generally of mixed ages. Open 8.30 to 3 am and Fri/Sat 8.30 pm till 5 am.website http://www.cafelemon.pl

Klub Karmel, Warsaw ul Kredytowa 6  – This lavish club is full of opulent fashionista’s. It’s a Champagne club where unsurprisingly drinks don’t come cheap. The rooms are well designed as is the distinct Zebra print bar. The music is largely inspired by Dance and Electro beats. They have a reputation for their palatable and affordable cocktails.  Opening hours are 10 pm till 5 am and  Thurs till Sat. Entry fee is about 5 Euro’s. website http://www.facebook.com/clubkarmel

Bollywood Lounge Warsaw ul, Persezkok – Bpllywood Lounge may not be in one of the prettiest locations but once you get passed the door staff you will see what all the fuss is about. There’s a fantastically authentic and exotic south Asian  vibe in here with their scented water pipes and the screenings of Bollywood classics on the big TV. The soundtrack is largely provided by traditional Bhangra and Hindi songs as well as  commercial Disco music. The staff are genuinely Indian and very hospitable. The drinks are fairly priced. Opening times are Midday to Midnight on Thurs, 12 pm till 4 am on Fri and  2 pm till 4 am on Saturday. Entry fee at weekends of 5 or 10 ZL. website 2http://www.bollywoodlounge.pl/

M25, Warsaw ul Minska 25 / Praga Polnoc – M25 is only open during events. There is broad range of events held here with everything from fetish parties to Eco lectures and Electro and Dancehall nights. the club is a little out the way in the heart of the Praga district but has people flocking here in their droves when an event is announced. Ticket prices vary, check their official website for further details on upcoming events. Open 9 pm till 5 am. Entry fee is 35 PLN. website  http://m25.waw.pl/html

De Lite Club Warsaw Ul Marii Konopnickiej 6 = The bright and bubbly De Lite is a newcomer on the Warsaw club scene opened in 2011.  Opulent clubbers occupy the exclusive VIP area whilst down to earth clubbers party to the latest hip hop and Dance tunes  on their spacious dance floor. If you are looking for a hedonistic club experience then look no further than De Lite. Themed nights include ”Blackout ” United States Of De Lite. Open later than most clubs from 10 pm till 7 am  on Friday and Saturday nights. entry fee unknown.website  http://www.deliteclub.com/pl

Platinum Club,Warsaw ul Fredry 6 – This exclusive venue has become home to the so-called ”Beautiful People”. The Muscle-bound bouncers employ a strict door policy. The general consensus is that Platinum is the city’s finest night club. The crowd can get quite rowdy and with lots of money flying around being spent on expensive Champagne, Platinum has its fair share of ”Posers”. The chandeliers and glowing floors add to the incredible ambience of this incredibly popular joint. The main musical styles are House/dance and Hip Hop and R n B. Many men believe that the women here are so gorgeous that they are unattainable. Opening times are  8 pm till 6 am on Thurs and  8 pm till 8 am on Fri and Sat. If you want to party until breakfast time then Platinum is the place for you. Entrance is free.website http://www.platiniumclub.pl/



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