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A look at international coach across the whole of Europe. The page contains links to the individual operators of coach services in individuals countries. These links are to the home page of the operator and where possible to the booking page. If the latter is not a available we have provided the administration or booking office telephone number.

Some of these companies also work together to provide cross border international coach travel under the ‘Eurolines’ banner. These services are extensive and faciltate low cost travel between most cities in Europe. Many journeys such as London to Prague are direct but some services to less visited cities require passengers to change.

It is not always possible to travel by eurolines services to some parts of Eastern Europe. When this happens you should travel to the nearest city on the Eurolines network and then refer to the Euromost matrix for the local operator for the country you are going to.


Coach Tours To Central Europe & Eastern European Countries

The historic east – west political division of Europe placed cities like Budapest and Prague in Eastern Europe and Vienna in Western Europe even though the latter was geographically further east than Prague.

Now days cities like Prague, Budapest and more recently Bratislava claiming to be at the heart of Europe so interpretations of which part of Europe some of these countries are in do vary.

For the purposes of this page we have combined Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia together but that said any tour that incorporates all the major cities in the region is unlikely to offer its patrons an in-depth view of any city.

We have identified a selection of companies offering coach tours to this part of Europe and noted ones that you might like to consider in the different price ranges. We have also mentioned the best time to go given possible ‘average weather conditions






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TRAVEL ADVICE RUSSIA & THE UK..The attempted murder in England of a former Russian  Spy / double agent  has  heightened the strained political tensions between Russia and the UK. Consequently visitors to these countries may not feel comfortable or safe when travelling around. Sources of Advice on the Home Page

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