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Advertising On Euromost currently has well over three hundred pages and approximately  a further 150 pages in draft form awaiting publication.   Limited advertising space is available on most pages provided the promoted product relates to the editorial of the page it is placed on.  We generally only accept banner style adverts though exceptions can be negotiated.

Advertising Format Options

Category 1 Universal Adverts / sponsorship accepted on this basis are publisher in the ‘header’.  These Ads will be visible on every page.

Category 2  Lead Pages  For individual city guides. Country Profiles & Transport  Price per page for a half banner £156 per year.

Category 3  All Other Pages    Applies to all none lead pages and features Price per page for a half banner £130 per year.

Category 4  Advertiser’s Editorial Features   These are only accepted under the universal euromost header.  The feature has to identify that it is a sponsor or advertiser at the top of its and the page has to be text heavy with at least 1500 words of text.  Price £474 per year.

Limited Editorial with Text Links   Editorial ads of up to 50 words (if it is possible to post them in a form that is appropriate for the page concerned) are accepted for £104.00 annually including live URL link.

Text Links To Existing Euromost Content   £52 per link.

Link Exchanges We do not charge registered charities for editorial links provided we are given a reciprocal link. These can be submitted to us at any time free of charge. Listings for all other organisations are chargeable.

Further Information

For additional information on advertising and other issues please email us:

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