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Visiting Transnistria

Transnistria politically is a pro-soviet region with a population dominated by former Russians who where encouraged to to the area migrate in the post-war Stalinist era. That said 40% of the population have the Moldovan language as their mother tongue. Many nationalists in Transnistria have expressed concern that Moldova might eventually become part of Romania as the neighbouring region of Bessarabia was between 1918 -1940. Ultimately the nationalist goal is for the area to become part of the Soviet Union, even though they are separated from Russia by the Ukraine who’s own relations with Moscow blow hot and cold. Russian troops are stationed in Transnistria.

The political situation within Transnistria means that visitors to the region are sometimes viewed with suspicion. For example taking photographs of buildings and other tourist attractions risks been seen by authorities as spying. UK Visitors intending to go to Transnistria, are advised to contact the British Embassy in Chisinau : website email or telephone +373 22 225902. See also UK government Moldova advice. >>>. Advice for Americans can be found via the Chisinau American Embassy.

Travelling Via Transnistria

Transnistria in north-eastern Moldova though officially part of Moldova it is not under the control or the Moldovan government. It is effectively under the control of separatists. The provincal capital of Transnistria is Tiraspol which in the recent years has experienced several bomb explosions in public areas. These incidents have not been separately attributed to any group organisation or terrorist cell.

Visitors to Moldova from the Ukraine who enter via Transnistria by road or rail will not have their passports stamped by Transnistrian border guards. When leaving the Transnistria area and entering the Moldova area under the control of the Moldovan Government visitors passports are again not stamped. These circumstances mean that the passport holder has not officially or legally entered Moldova.

The consequences of this are that when the passport holder leaves Moldova by plane from Chisinau or by land into Romania they may be detained by Moldova Immigration Authorities for having entered Molldova illegally. To avoid this visitors to Moldova, travelling from the Ukraine should avoid entering the Transnistria region which is situated ‘centrally’ on the Moldovan – Ukraine border. They should use the border crossing points between the two countries to the north and south of the Transnistria region.



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