Albania Country Profile Travel Guide Business Information

Albania Country Profile Travel Guide Business Information

Albanian population Albania religion Albania history Albania economy Albania road travel Albania currency Albania medical advice & other national information for Albania

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 Not a member of the European Union

 Fact Sheet For Albania

Albania Population The Capital of Albania, Tirana is the home of approximately 400,000 citizens out of a national population of 3.5million. 95% of the indigenous people are Albanian and the largest ethnic minority are Greek. Albania Language The official Albanian language is Albanian & Greek is spoken in places Albania Religions The dominant practiced religions are estimated to be Sunni Muslim (70%), Orthodox Albanian (20%) & Roman Catholic 10% Albania Currency The official currency is the ‘lek’.Foreign Currencies Albania The USD traditionally has been welcomed in cash form in many places & the € is rapidly becoming more popular.

Albania Recent History

Post war Albania severed its relations with Yugoslavia and allied its self to Stalinist Russia. It broke off relations with Russia in 1960 after Khrushchev tried to demand that Albania ports host Russian Nuclear Submarines. After this it gradually leaned towards Chinese communism. In 1968 it severed relationships with all Warsaw Pact countries following their complicity in the Russian led invasion of Czechoslovakia.

In the late seventies it close affiliations with China waned and when communist President Hoxha died in 1985 a degree of liberalisation ensued and the country became less insular. In this new climate opposition parties were permitted but the communist party were the winners of the first democratic elections in 1991. Within months, following a general strike the Communists where forced to form a coalition with the opposition Democrats. The economic turmoil caused food shortages which had to be alleviated on December 1991 by I international Aid.

Fresh elections in 1992 ended 57 years of communist Rule. In 1993 Amnesty International critics the new government for violating human rights – violations generally associated with witch hunts against former communists.In 1992, following Greek claims to southern Albanian territory, Albania signed a military treaty with Turkey. The country was all overwhelmed in 1999 Albanian refugees fleeing from Kosovo. Some estimates put the number at half a million. Over the last decade many Albanians have left Albania in search of work. The country is now generally thought to be more stable than in the mid 90s.

Albania Economy – Business

In 1991 Albania was the last eastern European country to be governed by a communist government. Since then the country has at times experienced political and social instability. Inflation is relatively low at around 4.%. Its main industries are Oil, Cement, Chromium, Copper, Nickel and Hydroelectric Power. The latter is threatened by low water levels in the reservoirs.

Agriculture accounts for over 40% of Albania’s total economic output, with 80% of this used domestically. Albania has significant trading links with Italy, Greece & Germany. Though economically Albania is one of the weakest European countries, between 55 – 60% of the economy has been privatised in the last decade.  Recent history has prevented the tourist industry from flourishing in spite of the country’s long beautiful Adriatic coastline.

General Information About Albania

Albanian Constitution & Parliamentary System The Republic of Albania which during the cold-war became renowned for its Radio Albania transmissions which advocated the merits of communism from both Moscow and Beijing has changed dramatically in the last 15 years.It now has a single chamber democratic parliamentary system and a clearly written ‘Constitution’ which are two aspects of democracy that the citizens of the United Kingdom await. For more details on these aspects of Albanian life.

Medical Care In Albania Visitors to Albania should note Emergency medical care is very limited and dental treatment is reported to be dreadful.

Emergency Medical Aid There is no free emergency treatment agreement between the United Kingdom and Albania. You are strongly advised to take out medical insurance here.

Cautionary Medical Notess For Albania: Vaccinations If you are going to forested areas take medical advice about inoculations against rabies & tick-borne encephalitis. Drinking Water Albania Visitors should avoid drinking tap water and on drink U.H.T MILK.

Earthquakes In Albania Albania is in a seismic active area and earth tremors may occur. The last strong earthquake was on 23 November 2004 measuring 5.2 on the Richter Scale.

Drug Laws Drug Use & Dealing Severe penalties are given in Albania for drug offences

Travel In Albania

Road Travel In Albania Roads are generally in poor condition with quite large pot holes throughout Albania. The tarmac can melt in hot weather and the roads can very icy in winter. Flash flooding is possible. Street lighting is towns often is subject to power cuts.  Outside towns street lighting is rare and driving at night is hazardous. If you have a breakdown there are no rescue services so carry essential spares with you.

Avoid getting into disputes or provoking other motorists as some carry guns. Drivers with foreign plates are often the target of local traffic police who can impose on the spot fines for minor offences.

Visa Guidance  For Visitors To Albania

Visa Information For Albania Disclaimer: This information is given as an indication only on Visa & Entry Requirements to Albania Please check your personal status by using the consulate information page or with the Albanian Foreign Office / Ministry.

Citizens From These Countries Should Not Need Visas: UK, EU countries, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Bulgaria, Turkey.

Citizens from these countries should be able to obtain visas at the border, port / place of entry – Egypt,Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Malta, Israel.

Citizens From Other Countries: Should contact the Albanian Embassy in the country or the agency representing the same, which they be leaving from to go to to Albania.

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