Belarus Country Profile Travel Guide Business Information

Belarus Country Profile Travel Guide Business Information

Belarus population Belarus religion Belarus history Belarus economy Belarus currency Belarus road travel and other national Belarus information

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Belarus Travel Information Guide

Belarus Country Profile

Belarus Population About 18% of Belarus’s population of 10m people live in the Capital Minsk. 78% of the population are Russian,14% Polish and 4% are Ukrainian.

Belarus Language The official Belarus language is Belarussian – Russian is widely spoken

Belarus Religion The dominant religion is Eastern Orthodox Christian 80% with the Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim being the leading minor religions.

Belarus Currency The official currency is the Belarusian rouble – bei

Belarus Recent History

After WW1 Belarus was part of the Byelorussian SSR until 1991. About 30% of the population of Belarus died in World War Two. Its post-war reconstruction resulted in it having one of the highest standards of living within the Soviet Union with an economy that specialised in industrial and scientific industries.

In 1991 Belarus, disillusioned with changing political climate in Moscow declared its independence. Since then Belarus has had controversial elections and a referendum and it currently is one of Russia’s closest political allies

Belarus Economy – Business

Economically Belarus has an annual growth rate of 4% but this is offset by an inflation rate of well over 20%. Its major industries are mechanical manufacturing, metalwork, chemicals, textiles, power production, woodworking, electronics and faRming. Its major trading partners are Russia, the UKraine, Poland Germany, The Baltic States China and the UK.

Travelling Around Belarus By Coach & Rail

Belarus has a very efficient and reliable rail network with a universal service. Visitors to Belarus may find this much easier to navigate than the internal coach services which are not as dependable. See Belarus Rail Network our rail section For national coach servxes in Belarus and international services coach services to and from Belarus see our coach index. See also the Minsk Travel Guide and the Minsk Airport Travel Information Guide

Air Travel Warning Belarus

Some local airlines have poor maintenance procedures.  For your personal safety, you should fly direct to your destination on an international flight originating outside the former Soviet Union and Central Asia. see euromost blacklist

Road Travel In Belarus

Driver from most countries including British must hold a International Driver’s Licence to in Belarus.  When travelling by a private vehicle, you have to produce original proof of ownership documents or a letter giving you “power of attorney” to drive the vehicle at Custom’s offices at border crossings.  You must have third party car insurance or you may get an “on-the-spot” fine.  You can purchase this when you enter Belarus.  Customs Officers at border posts will give you further information on this and the fee you have to pay to use the roads in Belarus.

All vehicles have to be registered with the customs on your entry to Belarus for the duration of your visit. If you overstay the term stated your vehicle can be confiscated by any police officer or the customs when you leave Belarus. see also the euromost Belarus consulate info link.

‘A’ roads denote highways in Belarus and are of reasonably maintained. ‘B’ roads are not as well maintained and can be blocked by snow in winter. In built up areas the speed limit is 60 kph (37 mph) elsewhere it 90 kph (55 mph) & 100 kph (62 mph) on motorways Motorists who have held a driving licence for less than two years must not exceed 70 kph (43 mph).  The authorities operate a nil-tolerance policy in respect of drink driving.

Belarus Visitor Registration

All visitors must register your stay with the Belarus authorities if your visit is more than three days. See Belarus Consulate Info

Belarus Tourism

Tourism is not a major industry in Belarus even though the country has many architectural examples of its history and in places a unspoilt rural enchantment.

Chernobyl Disaster

About 70% of the radiation of The Chernobyl Disaster in 1986 is estimated to have fallen on Belarus. The accident happened when one of four nuclear reactors exploded. In the aftermath of the incident, international observers attributed the cause of the accident to poor maintenance, lack of investment and bad management

Law & Order In Belarus

The Belarus authorities apply severe has severe penalties crimes involving drugs. Possession of drugs can result in fines or up to five years imprisonment. Serious drug offences including trafficking will result in prison sentence of between seven and 15 years.

Gay relationships are permitted under Belarusian law.  However Belarus is not a very tolerant society and the gay lesbian scene has a low profile.  Few gays are open about their preference as they sometimes are abused or assaulted.

Jaywalking is also a fineable offence

Accidental Spying In Belarus!

Photographing government buildings, airports, military installations and officials wearing uniform may result in you being arrested on spying charges especially if you are American or British.

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