Bosnia Country Profile Travel Guide Business Information

Bosnia Country Profile Travel Guide Business Information

Bosnia population Bosnia religion Bosnia history Bosnia economy Bosnia Currency Bosnia road travel and other Bosnia national information

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Bosnia – Herzegovina Country Profile

Bosnia Population Comprehensive statistics for Bosnia are not available. The population of Bosnia Herzegovina is estimated at 3.9 million. Figures for Sarajevo in 1991 suggested that 429,000 lived in the Capital then but current estimates suggest that this may have fallen to between 300,000 – 380,000 due to the troubles over the last 17 years.

Bosnia Language The official language is ‘Serbian’ and Croatian is spoken in places. As the ethnic make up of the country is Bosnian (Muslim) Croat and Serb. The respective languages of these people are spoken in varying degrees countrywide.

Religions In Bosnia The main religions are Islam 40%, Roman Catholicism 15%& Serbian Orthodox 31%. Bosnia Currency The official currency is the convertible mark (KM) which is fixed to the euro.

Bosnia Economy Business

On paper Bosnia has an annual growth rate of over 5% but with over 20% of the population living below the poverty line and another 25% living close to it the fiscal situation is very serious. Public spending is very high and the collection of taxes etc is slow and in relative terms inadequate.

Aid from the international community is tapering off and international investment is low due to the very bureaucratic regulations. About 65% of economic activity is in service related industries. 25% of the economy centres of manufacturing processes, namely leather, metal, textiles and timber. 12% of the GDP is agricultural production mainly for home use.

Bosnia Consulate Info

Bosnia Tourism Recent history has not lent itself to promoting tourism even though it mountains ranges have attractions and the SW territory (to the South of Dubrovnik & Croatia) has a enchanting Adriatic coastline. For more information please see the official tourist board site.

Medical Emergencies Bosnia

Theoretically there is a free healthcare agreement between the UK & Bosnia but you may have to pay if local funds are low

Earthquakes In Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina will occasionally experience earth tremors.  More serious earthquakes have occurred in the past 500 years. The most recent tremor was at Mostar on 27 September 2005.   It measured 5.1 on the Richter Scale.

Personal Safety In Bosnia

Public demonstrations involving ethnic groups. should be avoided. Landmines from the 182 -95 war in rural and mountain areas are a risk.  Areas with large populations and major routes are now free of mines and are safe places to be. Empty or derelict buildings however in towns or cities may still be booby trapped and should not be entered. In rural areas tarmaced roads are safe but there still landmines in the areas either side of the roads. In these areas it is imperative not to walk on unpaved footpaths. Open country areas are particularly dangerous as are abandoned buildings. Additional and updated is available from ck the Mine Action Centre .

Air Travel Bosnia Note

Bosnia’s International airport at Sarajevo is often closed in the winter due to fog. see theSarajevo Airport Guide for more info.

Bosnia Road & Rail Transport

Bus rail & tram services in Bosnia are fairly reliable though some are really slow.

Sarajevo Guide

For local information on travel & crime see the euromost Sarajevo City Guide

Travelling Around Bosnia

The easiest way of travelling around Bosnia is on national coach & bus services. Cross country journeys generally cost less than €18. For details on UK & European Coach services to and from & in Bosnia go to our coach index

The Bosnia rail service is comfortable & reliable but is very fragmented following the Balkan wars and effectively operates in three separate areas For details details on European & Southern Europe rail services to and from Bosnia go to our rail index.

Road Travel In Bosnia

An international driving licence or a UK driving licence with with photo and your image and signature to drive in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Traffic laws in Bosnia and Herzegovina are very similar to those in Western Europe. countries.

There are no dual carriageways in the Bosnia except outside Sarajevo. Drive with caution at all times. During the winter the weather can decorate rapidly and you should exercise extreme care

Before driving to or through Bosnia Herzegovina, including the Dalmatian Coastal road at Neum ensure that your Green Card covers you for Bosnia and Herzegovina.  If it does not temporary third-party insurance has to be purchased at the border crossings. It can also be purchased in Split and other Croatian cities. This   Insurance cannot be purchased on the Neum border.

Drivers must carry the original registration documentation to prove you own your vehicle as insurance agents border guards and custom officers will want to see them.

During the winter, from November until April motorists must by law have tyres that are mud ‘ snow rated. These must have a minimum 4 mm thread depth on all wheels. Alternatively if you have ‘summer’ they must have the same thread depth and snow chains for the driving wheels if necessary.

Driving at night can be very dangerous as most roads are either poorly lit or without any light whatsoever. At traffic lights be aware local drivers may break suddenly when the lights go to yellow. If you are have an accident wait at the scene for the police who may breathalyser all drivers involved.  Traffic police are empowered to make on the spot fines for traffic offences.

Keep to surfaced roads and only travel off these roads if accompanied by an experienced local guide as throughout Bosnia there is a high is a danger of unexploded andmines.

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