Russia Country Profile Travel Guide Business Information

Russia Country Profile Travel Guide Business Information

Russian population Russia religion Russia history Russia economy Russia currency Russia road travel & other national Russian information

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Russia Travel Information Guide

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Russia Country Profile & Guide

Russia Population Moscow is the Capital of the largest geographical country in the world which has a population of over 145 million living in eleven time zones. 82% of the population are Russian with the other  18% being made up of more than one hundred nationalities.Russia Religion: The leading religions are Orthodox Christian, Muslim, Jewish and BuddhistRussia Language The official language is Russian. Russia Currency The official currency is the rouble, but American dollars are widely accepted.

Currency Laws (Subject To Variation)

You can import into and from Russia up to 3,000 US dollars or similar amount in any currency without having to declare it. If you want to import or export currency or cheques that are equivalent to and over 3000 US dollars & up to 10,000 US dollars you must declare it. You are not allowed to import or export currency or traveller’s cheques that are equivalent to 10,000 US dollars or more.

Russia Economy – Business

Economically Putin has presided over a stable economy  with an annual growth rate of over 4% which has helped him legislate to reform banking practices, tax collection and anti-money laundering measures. Though inflation remains in double figures the prospects for the Russian economy are good if a policy of economic reform is maintained.

Russia has vast oil reserves which are under utilised which have attracted substantial American and British investment over the last few years. Apart from oil the other major industries are gas, timber, metals, machinery and chemicals.

Germany, the United States, and Belarus are Russia’s major trading partners who account for about 25% of their international trade. Prospects for an expansion of Russia’s trade with the rest of the world had increased since 2007 when she joined the World Trade Organisation.

Crime Personal Safety & Security In Moscow And St Petersburg

Throughout Russia there is risk of terrorism linked to Chechnya and other extremists from the Northern Caucasus. These threats include bombings, hostage taking and suicide attacks in public places. Moscow is often a primary target. A passenger train from Chechnya to Moscow was derailed by an explosion, a bomb was left on the metro in Moscow, another blew up at a Moscow bus stop and two Russian airliners on internal flights were destroyed by suicide bombers.

In the past Moscow has seen other terrorist acts on metro trains, in a hotel, market and a theatre.

St Petersburg and Moscow have pick pockets and muggers especially in and near railway stations. These may involve children and women. Theft from hotel rooms and cars is a problem. Beware of strangers in bars and night clubs who may spike your drinks in order to rob you. Several tourists have been held up at knife point in St Petersburg and robbed on public transport. Bogus police officers operate in both cities. Racist attacks may also occur by skinheads on Asians and Afro- Caribbeans. In 2008 87 people were killed in Racist attacks. For more information use the FC0 link in Travel Warnings.

Russia Tourism – Travel

Since the fall of communism Russia has become a popular tourist destination – with the architecture bridges and history of St Petersburg now accessible via several low cost airlines An enlightening and interesting site about rural Russian life. Tailor made for visitors travelling between Moscow and St Petersburg so much so that you might not want to reach either!

Russia Passport And Customs Controls

These are extensive complex & subject to change. Please note that there are special regulations where you are accompanied by children. For further info contact the Russian Consulate via our consulate page

Important Notes:

Passport Requirements: Your passport must be valid for six months on the date you enter Russia

Personal ID

During your stay in Russia by law you have to carry your passport with you as identification. Do not leave it in your hotel or apartment. If you cannot produce on demand a on the spot fine is payable.

The Russian Immigration and Custom Officers are very diligent and take their responsibilities very seriously. Both departments do not suffer fools gladly. It is essential that you check that your passport and any visa if required is in order before departing for any Russian destination.

Visitors who do not know precisely what is in their luggage or are cagey about the purpose of any personal effects are an open invitation for a full scale search.

These policies are adhered to universally at Russian border posts whether they are are at airports, seaports or cross- border points. Euromost is aware that these checks can be made with great enthusiasm at out of the way cross border posts irrespective of the time of day or night.

A prospective visitor to this country who attempts to enter without compliant documentation may not be able to resolve the issue at the point of entry. As discretion in these matters is not an official policy visitors in these situations are more than likely to be refused entry. Whether you visiting Russia on a package trip or independently it is your responsibility to have the correct documentation. Please see use the link on the Consulate page to ascertain what this is.

Emergency Medical Treatment In Russia

Russia does provide some limited emergency medical treatment for some visitors including UK visitors

Vaccinations Russia

Tuberculosis & Rabies exist in Russia.  Tick-borne encephalitis is present in rural and wooded areas. You should take medical advice about possible inoculations on these issues.

Cautionary Notes:

Food & Drink

Drink only bottled water and be aware the food poisoning is not uncommon.

Taking Photos

Photographing government buildings, airports, military installations and officials wearing uniform may result in you being arrested on spying charges.

Travel In Russia

In Moscow and throughout Russia especially in the Southern Caucuses there is a risk of terrorism please see the Travel Warnings.

Rail Travel In Russia

Rail services in Russia are generally reliable. Carriage conditions are basic and some journeys can be very slow. Passengers should be extremely vigilant on all overnight trains (national or international) where petty criminals operate. If you intend to use a sleeping compartment on a night train you should check that door is secured properly. Do not leave valuables unattended at anytime. Normally there is a storage box for personal items under the bed. For information on Russian Rail Services see the european rail page

Russian Coach Services

Road Travel In Russia

Cautionary Note:

During the winter Russia suffers from very severe weather conditions heavy snow and extremely cold temperatures – see the Moscow City Guide and the St Petersburg City Guide. These conditions can occur between October and April. Motorists travelling in Russia during the winter are advised to check the weather forecast and road conditions before setting out. They are also advised to carry mobile phones for use in an emergency along with emergency supplies of food and warm drinks especially if they are going on a long journey. Winter tyres / snow chains should be fitted to vehicles.

There are numerous laws that apply to foreign drivers who can generally only driver in Russia if they have an international driving licence. Euromost advises visitors to contact the Russian Consulate for the latest information.

Road conditions in Russians cities are generally adequate but elsewhere they can often be poor and some very rural areas very poor. In towns and cities the speed limit is 60 KPH elsewhere it is 90 KPH except on motorways where it is generally 100KPH. Motorists who have not held a full licence for two years are not allowed to exceed 70 KPH

Road conditions in Russians cities are generally adequate but elsewhere they can often be poor and some very rural areas very poor. In towns and cities the speed limit is 60 KPH elsewhere it is 90 KPH except on motorways where it is generally 100KPH. Motorists who have not held a full licence for two years are not allowed to exceed 70 KPHs. Russia has a tolerance of people who drink ar take drugs and drive. Police regularly carry out on the spot checks to enforce this policy and ‘enthusiastically look out’ for drivers who are speeding.

Air Travel In Russia

Cautionary Note: Safety Concerns: For years Russian based airlines have been the cause for some concern because of poor maintenance standards and series of accidents. In recent years it is thought that these standards have improved but some Russian airlines remain banned from European Air space. These airlines may still be operational within Russia and on routes to neighbouring countries who are not EU member states. See the euromost blacklisted airline guide.

Beware Of Anyone Who Contacts You & Promises You From Russia With Love !

One of the biggest scams on the net in recent years is the Russian girl (& sometimes Bulgarian or Romanian) who is looking for real love with a man in the West.

These advances are often made unsolicited in a ‘chance’ email or through legitimate dating sites. Some times they are accompanied by photographs which may or may not be explicit – the naked ones usually come afterwards. At some point you will be asked to send some money to help with an emergency or to fund a trip for your lover to visit you. Then she will dissappear !



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