Ukraine Country Profile Travel Guide Business Information

Ukraine Country Profile Travel Guide Business Information

Ukraine population Ukraine religion Ukraine history Ukraine economy Ukraine currency Ukraine road travel and other Ukrainian national information

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Ukraine History & The Orange Revolution

Ukraine Country Profile

Ukraine Population

The Capital of the Ukraine, Kiev is home to 2.6m people out of a national population of approximately 46m. 78% of the indigenous people are Ukrainian, 17% are Russian with remaining 5% being  people being made up of a wide range of settlers.

Ukraine Religion

The Orthodox Church (Ukraine mode) has around 12 million members and the Russian Mode nearly 3 million members. Ukraine Catholics have nearly a million members. The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox has 880,00 and the Jewish Religion 70,000.

Ukraine Language

The official language is Ukrainian with Russian also widely spoken, particularly in the eastern part of the country. Romanian, Polish and Hungarian is also spoken in places.

Ukraine Currency The official language unit of currency in the Ukraine is the Hryvnia

Credit Cards In The Ukraine

Credit cards are not accepted universally in the Ukraine. There use is more common in major cities but visitors should check whether an establishment accepts them if they wish to pay by credit card for services rendered. Visitors to smaller towns and rural areas should carry the Ukrainian Hryvnia to pay for services .

ATM Machines

These are easily found in cities and major towns throughout the Ukraine. They may still be more difficult to find in some small towns and rural areas.

Foreign Currency Exchange In The Ukraine

Euros and American Dollars are easily exchanged at banks and exchange bureaus in the main cities in the Ukraine. The British pound is also accepted but not at all outlets.

readily exchanged in major cities.  Sterling may also be exchanged at a more limited number of sites.  Use only official exchange booths.  ATM’s are also available and credit cards are widely used, but not universally accepted, in cities.  Outside cities you should ensure that you have sufficient funds available in local currency.

Ukraine Economy Business

In recent years The Ukraine economy has had a high economic growth rate – it is currently around 12% and the inflation rate is closely aligned to this. Its main industries are Coal, Electricity, Metals, Machinery, Transport Equipment, Chemicals, Farming and Food Processing.

Its major trading partners are the European Union, (especially those Eastern European countries that became members in 2004) Russia, The United States and China. Both the previous and new administrations have declared membership of EU as one their key aspirations for The Ukraine. Tourism to the Ukraine is increasing but it is not a major industry.

EU Citizen Visa Requirements

EU citizens can enter Ukraine without a visa for a visit of up to 90 days.  For further information on Visas see the links on the Euromost Consulate page.

Personal ID Visitor to the Ukraine should always carry for inspection, at least a photocopy of their passport and any relevant visa.

Crime In The Ukraine

Visitors to the Ukraine are increasingly seen as rewarding targets by petty criminals especially in Kiev and other cities. Bag snatching and pick-pocketing and is not uncommon in areas frequented by tourists including railways stations and bus stations. Beware of friendly strangers in bars and clubs who may spike your drinks before robbing you.

Racist Attacks In The Ukraine

Violent racist attacks on tourists who are Asian Afro-Carriben or Muslim have increased in recent years. Some of these attacks have have resulted in the victim being murdered. These attacks though random occur particularly in Kiev.

Emergency Medical Treatment In The Ukraine

Britain and some other EU countries have reciprocal agreements with the Ukraine for the provision of free emergency midical treatment in the Ukraine. Where these agreements cover a visitor to the Ukraine – the visitors does not have to pay an insurance levy on arrival in the Ukraine.

Facilities within the Ukrainian Health Service are under funded and poor when compared with Western Europe. Private Clinics/ hospitals generally offer slightly higher standards but these too may be lower than the comparative services in the west.

Aids In The Ukraine

The World Health Organisation estimate that 1.4% of the adult population (aged 15 and over) are HIV positive. This is six times higher than in some western european countries.

Water In The Ukraine

Tap water in the Ukraine should avoided and visitors should only drink bottled water. When drinking alcohol do not add ice cubes. Visitors who suffer from diarrhea on a visit to Ukraine must get immediate medical help.

Ukraine Tourist Travel

Road Travel In The Ukraine

To drive in the Ukraine you must possess a valid International Driving Licence.

Roads conditions in the Ukraine are generally fair though in some rural areas they can be very poor. The standard of driving is not high and accidents are common. Seat Belts must be worn at all times in the front seats. Children under 12 or 145 cm in height are not allowed to travel in the front seats. Dipped headlights should be used during the day when visibility is poor.

The Ukraine Police have in recent years developed a reputation for singling out foreign motorist who commit road traffic offences. They enforce the country policy of a zero tolerance of drink driving without exception. Motorists should be aware that The British Embassy in Kiev also has noted that some drivers stopped for driving offences are asked to pay on the spot fines by individual police officers. This practice is illegal as fines can only imposed by a court to which the police will direct you. You have 15 days to pay any fine imposed. If you encounter any such problems you should phone: The Ministry of Internal Affairs: Help line: (8044) 256 1675 or the Duty Tel No: (8044) 256 1002/4/ Alternatively you may ring: Department of Traffic Police: Help line: (8044) 272 4659 or
the Duty Tel: (8044) 272 3660. The police are not allowed to take any driving documents from you.

Several euromost motorists have emailed us saying that when they have approached the Ukraine Police for assistance they are actually very helpful – so hopefully the problems referred to above are not wholly representative of the Ukraine police.

Drivers should be aware that in the Ukraine Speed limits are generally applied at six levels. In residential areas the limit is 20 KPH. In towns and built up areas it is 60 KPH. Outside built areas on normal roads it is 90 KPH. On major roads including dual carriageways it is 110 KPH. On motorways it is 130 KPH. Note: Drivers who have held a licence for less than two years are not allowed to exceed 70 KPH on roads where a higher limit applies. Some of the motorway service stations offers excellent facilities including showers.

Road Travel In The Ukraine In The Winter

During the winter the Ukraine suffers from very severe weather conditions heavy snow and extremely cold temperatures – see the Kiev City Guide These conditions can occur between October and April. Motorists travelling in Estonia during the winter are advised to check the weather forecast and road conditions before setting out. They are also advised to carry mobile phones for use in an emergency along with emergency supplies of food and warm drinks especially if they are going on a long journey. Winter tyres / snow chains should be fitted to vehicles.

Air Travel In The Ukraine

Some airlines based in the Ukraine are occasionally banned from European Union Air Space for not meeting the EU standards for aircraft maintenance. Before you fly on a Ukrainian airline on a local you check whether it is on EU blacklist. which is given on the euromost airline routefinder and blacklisted airline page.

Rail Travel In The Ukraine

For information on Ukrainian Rail Services see the euromost International rail page. Rail services in the Ukraine are reliable but at night when possible it is best to avoid travelling alone as occasionally robberies do occur. Sleeper trains are frequented by petty criminals and you are advised to ensure that your sleeper compartment is locked from the inside.

Adults Travelling With Children

Adults who are not residents of the Ukraine and are travelling with children may be asked by the police or immigration officers to prove they have the necessary authority of the child’s parents for the child to be with them.

Where the adult is one of the parents written authority of the absent parent is required with contact addresses and telephone numbers included in the confirmation. Adults without this evidence are liable to be detained when entering, during or leaving the Ukraine.

Taking Photographs !

Anyone who takes photographs of Government buildings or military establishments without permission risks being arrested for spying. Euromost also suggests that visitors exercise similar caution when taking photographs at or around airports

Drug Laws In The Ukraine

The personal use or sale of illegal drugs is a serious offence in the Ukraine. Anyone found guilty of such offences can except to serve a significant prison sentence

Radiation From Chernobyl

Officially the risk of radioactive contamination from the 1986 Chernobyl accident is described as an ‘insignificant’ if visitors avoid travelling to the exclusion zone which surrounds the Chernobyl site. The British Foreign Office believe that if the exclusion zone is respected that ‘No special precautions are necessary’.



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