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The Euromost eastern europe and baltic state   country profiles are a quick guide to the country you are interested in. The   profiles are followed on the same page for easy reference by guides to the   cities in that country that euromost features. The country profiles are an   independent source of practical and useful information that anyone visiting that   country might or should know.

All country profiles follow sources of national   information from several sources, including the national tourist board,   consulate offices in London and other organisations and reliable sources of   information and advice. There is also information in each country profile on the   country’s weather and rail, coach services and general road travel Information.   Info on air travel is within the city guide for the cities named in the the   country profile. The countrys EU status is also given.

In a few counties there may be areas where you   should take special care for your personal safety. These dangers may include   landmines – especially in rural areas of recent conflict or war zones such as   the Balkans and countries that were part of the former Yugoslavia. Other areas   and cities may carry also carry a higher risk of terrorism because of internal   struggles. This includes Moscow and other parts of Russia. Where these risks are   known Euromost displays a flashing warning beacon near the top of the page on   the left. Visitor to these country profiles dispaying these beacons should   follow the adjacent travel warnings for the latest information on this country.   This information originates from the United Kingdom Government’s Foreign and   Commonwealth Office in London. The FCO is the most reliable source of   information of this nature in the world with a capacity for updating its   information within in an hour of a serious incident.

Each country profile contain information on the   countrys population. These details include the estimated population of the   country and its Capital. We do not include information such as the area of in   kilometres of the country. Every country profile details the ethnic make of the   country and its religious denominations. Each profiles identifies the country   national language and other languages and dialects spoken.

The country profiles also contain a brief guide to   the countrys poltical history. These guides generally cover the last hundred   years. General reference points to all guides are the Treaty of Versailles in   1919 and the end of World War 11 ( abrievated to WW2 throughout this site ) and   the fall of Communism in the late 80s and early nineties. Visitors to a country   which was part of the former Yugoslavia may find reading this section especially   useful and possibly the same section in countries that border the country they   are going to or are interested in. Editorial Note Please note that   euromost has to its best endeavours attempted to accurately decipher from   various sources the political and military history of all euromost countries.   However some historic accounts of any one event may differ depending on the   political persuasion, prejudice or nationality of its author. The truth about   the Berlin wall (see the HOME Page)   being one example.

Each country profile includes details of the   economic climate and trends within the country, including its main industies,   main trading partners, unemployment and inflation rates. Where available we also   note its popularity with tourists. Individual profiles may feature items that   are relevant to that specific country, such as Dental treatment in Hungary.

Visitors to the country profile who are interested   in updated business related information may find items on the Newsview page of   interest. This page also contains link to National Media sources for every   country. Some of these sources are provide very good information on current   economic news and have good archive resources.

Additional China Feature

China The Ultimate Business Challenge &   Greatest Opportunity

Please   first see China’s Economy Today

The sheer size of China’s population which is more   than four greater than the the United States combined with it consistently high   ecomomic growth over t three decades makes it one of the worlds most attractive   economies to trade with.

For three decades after the end of WW2 China was a   very insular society in economic and international political terms but those   days are long gone. It is now a major force in both respects and ultimately may   have as much if not more clout than the United States.

Inward investment in China is welcome and in some   areas the expertise of other countries is an integral requirement if its   economic growth is to be sustained. However China is not an open door to   speculators who are minded to line their pockets and disregard the culture and   politics of their society. There are rules and the ethos of when in Rome do as   the Roman do has to be strictly adhered to. It is not possible to turn up at   Beijing Airport and expect to open up a business immediately the next day. There   are procedures and formalities which can seem overwhelming and take a great deal   of time to go through.

It is not possible to be either open a business in   China let alone succeed unless you have some understanding of the culture from   which the formalities are derived. A simple example of thiis is the expectancy   of courtsey when you are offered someones business card. You should recieve it   with two hands and look at it. You are expected to reciprocate the gesture with   a card which has a nom de pleurre in Chinese that you have chosen in advance.



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