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Landmines In Croatia

See also Bosnia Landmine Information

Since the Balkan Wars, the Government of Croatia has been methodically scanning the entire country for minefields laid during the war. They have made many of them safe, but it is officially estimated that there are still over 50,000 dangerous mines spread over many regions of the country. 77 towns are known to have minefields nearby .  There are other dangers such as unexploded shells. Areas where the dangers are known have various warning signs, usually red and white with skull and cross-bones, like this  –


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How To Avoid Landmines in Croatia

Surfaced roads and Highways in Croatia are safe to travel, but at the roadsides you may see these warning signs on the edges of the fields and forestry nearby. Even if there are no signs, it is not safe to leave the roads to go across fields, into the countryside, the woods or forest. Mines may be buried anywhere and you may be killed or injured.

If you are in north-western Serbia and travelling into north-eastern Croatia you need to be especially careful, whether you are in a town or the countryside. Once you are in north- eastern Croatia you should stay on the main road at all times.  If the Croatian Authorities offer you transport it is safer to accept it.

In north-eastern Croatia close to the Serbian border, there is a road ‘D2′ that runs from the Bosnian border north to the towns of Vukovar (coordinates – 45°21′N 19°00′E ), and Osijek (coordinates –  45°33′27.11″N 18°40′46.52″E ). From Osijek  there is a connecting road ‘E73′ that goes north to the Hungarian border. The countryside to the east (or on the right hand side of these roads if you are travelling north) has numerous minefields.  If you are crossing into Croatia from Serbia you should stay on the roads and not cross any fields or countryside.

Osijek has good road, bus and rail connections with Zagreb and then onto the Slovenian border.


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