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Choices And Types Of Cruises

If the idea of a cruise sends your head spinning with stuffy images of dressy dinners, doddery old dears and tacky on-board entertainment, you could be way off the mark.

Cruises now come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from trips on small, characterful vessels to stereotypical luxury liners with all the fancy frills. You can take a mini-cruise for just a few days, or spend several weeks enjoying life on board.

Each day you wake up to a different view from your floating hotel, and you never have the hassle of navigating roads or getting your head around confusing public transport.

And if that hasn’t convinced you, cruises can offer excellent value when money’s tight. They are not only becoming increasingly affordable, but in some ways offer better value than land-based holidays because food and entertainment is all included in the price.

Changes To Itinerary

To take a cruise, you need to accept that your holiday will be as much about the voyage as the destination. You won’t meet the locals on board as you might on other forms of transport, and you may need to be prepared for some stomach-churning heavy seas – a rough ride for those of a more queasy disposition. Sometimes conditions force ships to change their itinerary because they can’t get into port safely, so don’t book a cruise on the basis of wanting to visit one particular place on the itinerary: if plans are scuppered by poor weather you may spend the rest of the trip fuming over your missed destination.

Health Issues

You’ve probably read stories in the papers over recent years about outbreaks of two different viruses associated with cruise ships: Norovirus, and Legionella (which causes Legionnaires’ disease). With Norovirus, transmission seems almost always to be person-to-person rather than via water supplies. With Legionella, on the other hand, the bacteria can colonise water systems, spas and air conditioning / cooling systems on board, and spread when inhaled (or aspirated).

It only takes a few negative news stories to scare people off, but in reality outbreaks are few and far between, and shouldn’t put you off taking a cruise.

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