As May Dances On Ice She Could Drown Us All

Editorial Comment 

There are some people who regardless of their politics or religion are simply not trustworthy. In fact they often hijack the principles held by their party or faith to enhance their credibility on the a road of governed by personal ambition rather than moral convictions.  To do this some politicians adopt and promote policies which are fashionable as they believe this will make them more popular or create opportunities for them personally. Boris Johnson may be such an example given that he spent a long time  sitting on the fence deliberating over whether to support the remainers or brexiteers in the 2016 referendum campaign. Ever since then the Brexiteer has been associated with a leadership challenge to remain voter Premier Teresa May.

Whether Teresa May had during her years at  the British Home Office Minister had serious aspirations of becoming the British Prime-minister is an unknown and even if she did she may not have been that confident of succeeding.  That said after the disgraceful and cowardly abdication of David Cameron she stood up for election as the new Conservative Premier.  Arguably this was a terrible personal judgement as she was elected by default as no one else wanted the poisoned chalice she had inherited from her predecessor.  

During her first year as premier she obviously warmed to the challenges of the role including the stresses and benefits that accompany it.  So much so that she envisaged because of her personal strong and stable qualities she could extend her reign from three years to five by holding a general election.  Another terrible judgement as the British electorate were not convinced and her party lost their overall majority in the House of Commons.  For the next five years she would remain in power but only with the support of other parties and if she was able to placate dissenters in her own ranks. 

Its difficult if not impossible to judge why she believed it was a good idea to call that election but given the need to describe herself as strong and stable in spite of an apparently insurmountable lead in the polls she may have harbouring an inferiority complex or more likely because of her time in No.10 contracted delusions of self importance and being invincible which predecessors like and Thatcher and Blair displayed.  That said to date May has not resorted to sending troops to the South Atlantic, Afghanistan or the Middle East.  Well not yet anyway. 

There are numerous problems dealing with a person who is deluded. Most commonly they often are very egotistical, not good listeners and these shortcomings often result in irrational responses to situations. These traits are obviously detrimental in relationships work places and social groups. Neither are they conducive to the consensus needed to lead a political party.  Worst still they simply are undiplomatic or untactful if you as the leader of the country you have the responsibility of negotiating with twenty seven other leaders in a club where at the outset you are the lone black sheep. 

Teresa May appointed a minister to manage the negotiations of the British exit from the EU. It was widely known that as he rarely left the UK to participate in the negotiations he did not develop a rapport with his counterparts or gain their respect – not a good stance from which to negotiate from. This continued for nearly two years with the approval of the prime-minster before he resigned of his own volition. 

Throughout the negotiations the British Prime=minster has had difficulty defining what brexit means – except by repeating that brexit means brexit.   Even so she was confident that in spite of her red lines Britain would get a good deal.  There did not seem to be any justification for this other than the frequently touted idea by brexiteers that Germany needed to sell the UK cars and the French their wine.  The final Transition Agreement saw Mays red lines disintegrate fade as they were scratched and broken.  The few token concessions the EU had made were not accompanied by any guarantee that post the ‘Transition Period’ they would be enduring in a future long term agreement.  Yet Premier May still believes it is a good deal. 

Most worryingly of all to the British regardless of their internal political leanings or whether they are pro or anti EU membership  was the cover up and deceit over the proposed legally enduring back stop on the constitutional status of Northern Ireland.  No one in the UK voted for that and no one in Northern  Ireland was even consulted about the proposal. 

There is no doubt that Premier May actually takes personal responsibility for the Transitional Agreement as she has repeatedly  referred to it as ‘my deal’ though recently since the truth about the back stop has come out it she has described more frequently  in a less egotistical light as ‘the best deal’.   Not sure about the rationale behind the claim it is the best deal on offer given that there no other deals on the table.  After all ignoring the referendum result or walking away with no agreement what so ever are not options not offers.  The present Transitional Agreement is therefore  only on the table as the best offer by default – curiously rather like her the way she became prime-minster. 

The sellout and cover up on the Northern Ireland back- stop and the promised commitment to red lines nominated and stipulated by herself mean that she cannot be trusted.  Her decision on the penultimate day of the last debate to humiliate several of her cabinet colleagues who had confirmed that day that the debate in the House of Commons would not be stopped was an example of her selfishness even towards loyal colleagues.

Under British parliamentary law any Transitional Agreement has to be approved by the majority of members of the House of Commons.  As the indications were that the present proposal would not be approved by the Parliament Teresa May suspended the debate on the grounds that she would seek more assurances from the EU about parliament’s concerns. The strength of these concerns was evident across the political spectrum with 164 members of the parliament had commented on during the first three days of the debate.  As a result many people in Britain from all political parties think her suspension of the debate was to give her more time to renegotiate aspects of the agreement which the EU have repeatedly said they are not prepared to do. Consequently many people in parliament and Britain in believe has shown a contempt for the House of Commons and British democracy in an attempt to salvage her hold on power. 

It is hard to believe that any competent Conservative member of parliament would want her job given the present governments attitude and relationship with the EU.  This may save her leadership and political career in the short term. Whether or not she is replaced as the British Premier the suspension of the debate increases the possibility of  a ‘hard Brexit’ with Britain leaving the EU with no agreement about the future relationship. 

The clever self preservation tactic of saying she would not lead her party into the 2022 election before the vote of confidence in her by Conservative members of parliament no doubt placated some of her opponents. Whether she is to be believed given her capacity to break her rhetoric and red lines remains to be seen.  Her subsequent victory though does not signal a change in the thinking of members of parliament and the proposed agreement will not be endorsed.  The vote changes nothing and the fact that she has said she will step down as prime-minster in reality weakens her authority in the negotiations with the EU and politically in the long term’.  A premier who operates is this way is dictatorial, ruthless and as she dances on thin ice she could drown us all.

Its  a complete mess and there is  a lot to ‘play for’ – probably time to find some therapy by playing some vinyl –  ‘Maggie May’ then flip the disc over and play Reason To Believe. Uncanny but appropriate titles perhaps?

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