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Euromost welcomes voluntary contributions from people from all ages and all walks of life including College Students Undergraduates and Tutors

Contributions on any subject that interests you may be considered provided:

1) The subject has a overall European flavour or (see below)

2) The subject is relevant to an individual city or country in Europe (see below)

Contributions may be made on a single occasional or regular basis

All contributions will be accredited to the contributor

We accept contributions from people who speak English as a second language

You & Your Contribution To euromost. info

You might be a person who likes to travel or equally a person who has to travel. Equally you might be a person who likes a particular type of music sport, architecture or literature.

You might have fallen in love with the culture of a city or country or it natural beauty. On the other hand you might be horrified by something – for example the effect of post world war two architecture on a particular place.

You are able to be critical without being subjective and able to write in reasonable English. You may live anywhere.

College Students Undergraduates and Tutors

We are happy to accept contributions from individual students where the article meets the criteria given on this page. Articles will be accredited to the student so that they may add the publication of the article on their cv. The article may be a piece of coursework

We are also happy to accept contributions submitted by Tutors or lecturers on behalf of their students where they feel that the work is worthy of publication. As euromost is an expanding site we are prepared to add to the scope of the editorial content which may be constructed in conjunction line with a course syllabus. Any educational establishment entering this arrangement would receive sponsorship recognition on the pages rendered.

We have received several requests by students and tutors for ‘ supervised placements’ but do not have the facilities to do this. We are pre prepared to set students research tasks and alike on a temporarily basis but the student would have to have the confidence and discipline to do this work externally. The terms of reference would have to be agreed between Euromost and the establishment

Contributions With a ‘European’ Flavour

These are most likely to be published on a single page/ A Contribution on the history of the Austrian Hungarian Empire would be most likely to have its own page – with relevant links from countries that it ruled

Sometime it is appropriate to broaden the scope of content of these pages. For example the European Football page which is cent red around UEFA football matches will include English Premiership Football items as they are of interest to people across Europe.

Contributions Relevant To A Specific Country

Articles on a country’s culture economy, national dishes, politics (present or past) language dialect or youth hostels would be published in the country profile.

Contributions Relevant To A Specific City

A report on clubbing or music in Prague or restaurants in Prague would be included in the Prague City Guide. A report on author architect or musician would appear in a guide for a city in which he or she lives or lived.

Contacting Us

If you are interested in contributing to euromost.info please email us telling us a little about yourself – where you live, your age, occupation, education and the subject you (or your students) want to write about and why.


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