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Sept 22nd Update:  At the moment the European Union does not have an agreed plan or policy to deal with the present migrant crisis which under countries obliges all member states un under European Law to process asylum applications in a particular way regardless of which country you are in.

To further confuse matters the guide lines that apply to the 22 countries in the Schengen Zone which promote unhindered travel between  countries in that zone do not apply to  6 European Union Countries  (Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Ireland Romania and the UK) who are not in the zone.

A further complication is that some counties have borders with countries who are in and outside the Schengen Zone. For example Schengen Zone member Hungary has borders with several EU states Austria Slovakia and Slovenia who are in the zone and borders with Croatia and Romania who are not. It also  has borders with Serbia and The Ukraine who are not EU members. This means that if you are an asylum seeker the Hungarian Government could apply one of three different policies to you – depending on the country you are in

At present Germany and Sweden are volunteering to take large numbers of these migrants and most other European countries are willing to take some. The first concern is the number of migrants already in the EU and presently resident in Italy and Greece. The second issue is what to do with refugees still arriving in Greece and Italy most of whom seem to be on en route via Croatia for Germany and Sweden. The third concern is how to deal with future migration. The present attitudes to these are outlined below.

1:  The Refugees In Greece and Italy.

The European Union want member states to impose ”mandatory ‘quotas’ on all member states to absorb 120,,000 refugees or migrants who are in these counties waiting to be relocated. This policy has been agreed by the Interior Ministers of the  majority of member states.  The Czech Republic, Hungary  Romania and Slovakia have said even though the majority of EU counties have voted for the policy they will not implement it – essentially as they believe the decision is illegal as it over-rules a each countries ‘National Sovereignty’.

The Czech Republic who previously had said they would take 1500 refugees have indicated they would be prepared to accept more but they (the Czech Republic) and the European Union would set the limit. Slovakia  has said it  is only willing to take 200 refugees on the condition they are Christians

Sept 24th Update: The above  policy was due to be discussed and ratified by EU Prime Minsters in Brussels on September 23rd. but it was dropped from the agenda !   They had a good dinner though so that’s alright.

2:  The Refugees  En- route & Already In Europe

At the moment inspite of this problem evolving for over four years and becoming a a very serious issue this year there has been no attempt try the EU to collectively respond to the situation. An  asylum seekers  may experience the humanity shown by countries like Croatia or the threat of be showered with tear gas and rubber bullets in Hungary. .

Sept 24th Update:  The meeting of EU Prime ministers in Brussels finished early this morning. After the meeting EU leaders said they had agreed to establish a number of hotspots” – which would be special processing centres in ‘frontline’  countries.

New arrivals would have to be screened to ensure that they are eligible to enter the EU. No details of where these hotspot would be were given or what would happen to  those who were not eligible to enter the EU.  No mention was made of what would happen to those who were eligible to enter EU either. The outcome of the much hyped meeting was for those already in transit  lacking in substance – maybe it was the grapes!

3:  EU Policy About Future Mgrants To Europe

Sept 24th Update:  The EU Prime ministers  agreed at the meeting on the 23rd to donate €1bn forwards the welfare of Syrian refugees. The money will be  divided between the United Nations Food Agency and the World Food Programme.

They also agreed to liaise and monitor the flow of refugees and their need with Turkey Lebanon and Jordan.

They also said they would provide assistance to the Balkan States countries who are not EU members (such as Serbia Bosnia and Macedonia) who’s counties are routes for migrants from north Africa. No details of what the nature of this assistance will be given.

Additionally they agreed to provide more funds to strengthen EU border security.

They confirmed that the EU Prime minsters will hold another summit in October to which the Turkish President would be invited. 



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