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Specific Advice For American Citizens Travelling In Europe

United States Citizens in visiting European Countries can obtain updated advice and information, and assistance from local embassies and consulate offices. Details of these are given on the euromost US Embassies in Europe pages.

This Page London Embassys Of Countries In Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe Scandinavia & The Baltic States & Russia // Money Matters

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Medical Insurance  – Emergency Cover & European Health Insurance Card


.Passport & Visa Information & Consulate Advice
UK Passports The cost of a new adult 10-year passport is £72. Child passports are £45. Fast tracked passports are £97. Each passport contains an electronic chip containing personal details of its owner. More inform on applying for a British Passport.

Always complete the next of kin details in the back of your passport. Make two photo copies of the personal details of your passport including the passport number. Keep this copy in a seperate safe place whilst travelling. If you loose your passport whilst abroad this information will make it easier for a replacement or travel document to be issued. Exchange copies with your next of kin if they are travelling with you. Leave the second copy with a realive or friend in the UK who you can contact if the need arises.

IMPORTANT NOTE Further information and advice on any country is available from the British Foreign Office.

This site provides information and advice on UK consular and Embassy services in all euromost countries whether you are a tourist or business traveller. It will also advise you if it is advisable to register with them in certain areas.

You are strongly advised to check the specific requirements of the Immigration Authority of the country you are visting. Some countries may require you to have a visa ie Russia. Other countries may not require you to have visa if you are coming direct from the UK but may require one if you are coming from another country.

Some Eastern European countries require that your passport be valid for a minium period after the date you intend to leave the country. The Czech Immigration Authorities in particular are very strict in this respect and will refuse entry to anyone not satisfying this criteria.

It should also be remembered that admission to a country as a visitor does automatically give you the right to work.

Money  Matters

Cash Cheques & Credit Cards

In addition to sufficient funds for your visit, you should have access to additional funds. These funds may be in the form GBP Euro’s or US$. If you are carrying Cash or Credit Cards check that they may be used in the country you are going to before you depart. You are also advised to carry seperately details of these cards and the number you should ring if you loose them on your trip.

Please note that in some countries, for example Albania, credit cards are not always accepted in smaller establishments.
Personal Safety & Specific Travel Warnings

Specific travel warnings  exist for some  European countries where in some areas or regions there may be personal safety concerns and dangers because of social unrest or a threat of terrorism. A summary of the more serious threats is given on the Travel Warnings page with links to  the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office for the latest updated information

How Safe Is The City and Country I Am Going To ?

Are there still landmines in Serbia – When is a lady of the night in Prague not a lady – I am black is it safe for me to visit St Petersburg – for more information see the guides in ‘Destinations links at the top left of this page.

Useful Travel Tips For The Smarter Traveller

When travelling abroad no one is as ‘streetwise’ as they are when at home. Practically every city in the world has its own local problems. In Eastern Europe , as in Western Europe petty crime can be a problem especially in tourist areas, coach and rail stations. See the euromost safety and security article in each city guide. Please see the ‘Destination’ Links at the top left of this page.

In some rural areas of a few countries, notably Russia and the former Yugoslavia, landmines and political instability may pose a threat. Where there is such a risk euromost have on top left handside of the page posted a flashing beacon.

An adjacent ‘travel warning link to the Travel Warnings Page & British Government Foriegn Office will give you updated information.

European Travel and Tourist Consulate Guide

The Consulate links below for these countries are an informative source of each countries visa requirements for visitors. Important note: Some countries require visitors to have a passport valid several months after their intended departure date and may refuse admission to anyone with a passport not compying with this regulation.

Albania Embassy
2nd Floor         24 Buckingham Gate         London SW1E 6LB         Tel: 0207 828 8897

Website: None Found


Austria Embassy
18 Belgrave Mews West         London SW1X 8HU       Tel: 0207 235 3731
Belarus Embassy
6 Kensington Court         London W8 5DL         Tel: 0207 937 3288 Main        Tel: 0207 938 3677 Visa
Bosnia Hezegovina
5-7 Lexham Gardens         London W8 5JJ       Tel: 0207 255 3758
No Website or Email Details Found.
Bulgaria Embassy
186 Queens Gate         London SW7 5HL       Tel: 0207 584 9400
China Embassy

49-51 Portland Pl       London, W1B 1JL 020 299 4049

Croatia Embassy
21 Conway Street         London W1T 6BN       Tel: 0207 357 2022

No Website Found email:

Czech Embassy
26 Kensington Palace Gardens         London W8 4QY       Tel: 0207 243 1115
Denmark Embassy
55 Sloane Street         London SW1X 9SR       Tel: 00 44 (0)20 7333 0200
Estonia Embassy
16 Hyde Park Gate         London SW7 5DG       Tel: 0207 589 3428
Finland Embassy
38 Chesham Place         London SW1X 8HW       Telephone: 0207 838 6200 Consulate 0207 838 9703
French Embassy
58 Knightsbridge London SW1X 7JT. Tel. 0207 073 1000
German Embassy
23 Belgrave Square         1 Chesham Place       London SW1X 8P2 Tel: 0207 824 1300
Please see Bosnia Herzegovina Above
Hungary Embassy
35 Eaton Place         London SW1X 8BY       Tel: 0207 235 5218
Please See The Netherlands
Iceland Embassy
2A Hans Street         London         SW1X 0JE         Tel: 020 7259 3999
Fax: 0207 245 9649
Italian Embassy
Due to the many uncertainities within this area Euromost does currently feature this region.
Latvia Embassy
45 Nottingham Place         London W1M 3FE       Telephone : 0207 312 0040
Lithuania Embassy
84 Gloucester Place         London W1H 3HN       Tel: 0207 486 6401
Macedonia Embassy
5th Floor         25 James Street       London W1U 1DU Telephone: 0207 499 5152
Moldova Embassy
European Embassy:         Rue de Tenbosch 54         Brussels 1050 Belgium         Tel: (2) 732 9659
No London Office see European Embassy No UK/BELGIUM Website Found email:
Montenegro Embassy
for the time being please see Serbia
Netherlands / Holland / Dutch / Embassy

38 Hyde Park Gate         London, SW7 5DP       020 75903200

Norway Embassy
25 Belgrave Square           London SW1X 8QD       Telephone: 0207 591 5500
Fax 0207 245 6993
Poland Embassy
47 Portland Place         London W1N 4GH       Tel: 0207 580 4324
Poland Consulate
Consulate General:         73 New Cavendish St         London W1M 8LS       Tel: 0207 580 4324
Romania Embassy
Arundel House         4 Palace Green         London W8 4QD       Telephone: 0207 937 9666
Russia Embassy
13 Kensington Gdns         London W8 4QX       Tel: 0207 229 3628
Russia Consulate
5 Kensington Palace GdsLondon W84QX       Tel: 0207 229 8027
Serbia Montenegro
28 Belgrave Square         London SW1X 8QB       Tel: 0207 235 9049
Slovakia Embassy
25 Kensington Palace Gardens         London W8 4QY       Tel: 0207 243 0803

Passports Tel No: 0207 727 9432

Slovenia Embassy
10 Little College Street         London SW1 3SH       Telephon : 0207 222 5400
Sweden Embassy
11 Montagu Place         London W1H 2AL         Phone: 020-7917 6400
Fax: 0207-724 4174
Ukraine Embassy
60 Holland Park         London W11 3SJ       Tel: 0207 727 6312



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