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The specialist feature pages listed below contain content which supports the information in our other europe indexes which given in the header and our main home page. The feature pages and articles are regularly updated and new travel subjects are added every so often.

Auschwitz & Birkenau Travel Guide Detail of how travel to the former Nazis concentration and death camp at Auschwitz which though known as the Auschwitz Museum graphically illustrates systematic genocide. Auschwitz which was the first of several Nazis death camps and the fore-runner of the nearby Birkenau camp a purpose built factory of death. Both camps have been sanitised but as our guide emphasises how ever knowlegeable or well prepared you are visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau is a sobering experience – but a journey everyone should make. more

The Fall Of The Iron Curtain & The End Of The Cold War xA time line of the events leading up to the fall of the Berlin Wall which ended the Cold War more

Srebenica 1995    An account of the 1995 Srebrenica Massacre in Bosnia which is thought to be tEurope’s  worst single massacre since the end of WW2. During the massacre at least 7,414 Muslim men and boys over the age of 12 were systematically slaughtered by Serbian soldiers claiming to be Christian more

Chistmas Markets In Europe market (1) Finland, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Latviia, Belgium, Norway,xxx  more

Chistmas Markets In Europe market (2)  Austria, Germany,  France,  Poland, Italy, Denmark,  Estonia,   Czech Republic more

Santa For Kids A fearure for the kids in the run up to Christmas with messages from Santa and a Chrismas message on Christmas eve more

European Consulate Information Contains details of the London Embassies of other European countries with links to their websites, addresses and telephone numbers. The page also contains links to related euromost pages that might be useful to you before your visit. more

European Health Insurance Scheme Details of the free ’emergency’ health cover that is available to citizens who are European Union nationals and national from some otherf most European countries more

Visa Information For Us Visitors  Feature that tells who may apply on for admission to the United States without the standard a visa more

European Roads Autobahns & Motorways General information and advice for motorists planning to drive in Europe.more Road Travel By Country Additional information about driving in Euromost featured countries can be found in the Euromost Country Profile for that country. Please see the Country Profile Index for full list.

Heathrow Terminal Five  Facts figures and information about London’s state of the arc air and somestimes contreversial air terminal  more

Foreign Currency At The Post Office  Having on you the currency of the country you are going to really is a must as airport and port foreign currency exchange bureaus tend  to have a monopoly or operate in a cartel so as to offer you the ‘least’ value for your custom. A simple way of avoiding this is to buy you foreingn currency at the Post Office. more

Passport Applications At The Post Office The Post Office provuide a fast track British Passport application service known as ”Check and Send;’ service  which is available at most post offices, If you take your completed passport application forms and supporting documents to any paricipating    Post Office branch they will check it is filled in  correctly and that you have included all the necessary  documents before sending it off  more

9/11 Feature  The 2001 September 11th attacks on America ended the lives 2,997 people and changed the western world and travel as we knew it. This feature includes a timeline of events, air traffic control tapes and a roll call in memory of those who died more

Stag Weekends In Europe Advertising feature with Information on Stag Weekends In cities across Europe.more



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