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Ferries Operating To and From Croatia 

Ferry Routes and Services Dubrovnik Spilt Zadar

Operator Notes & Sailing and Journey Times
Dubrovnik Bari Jadro Linija Service begins at Rijeka then Spit Starigrad Korcula – operating minimum of 2/3 days a week. Dubrovnik – Bari average journey time 6hr. Jadro offer extensive ferry services along the Croatian coast line
Split Ancona Jadro Linija minimum of 3 services per week – journey circa 7 hrs
Split Ancona SNAV daily – 6 hours
Split – (1) Starigrad SNAV 2.25 hours
(2) Starigrad – (3) Pescara SNAV 4.hours but 1, 2 & 3 = 6.75 hours
Zadar Ancona Jadro Linija minimum of 3 services per week – journey circa 6 hours by day and 9 hours overnight
SEM Maritime based in Split provide local passenger only services to the coastal islands but have no website
Croatia & Italy Road Travel Notes


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