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Important Note:   If you are going to cross the border into Croatia – please read the information in the Croatian Advice also .  Thank you

If you are in Serbia  you cannot walk across the border into Hungary as the entire Hungarian border with Serbia and Croatia  it is blocked by two 4m high  metre barbed wire fences  There are several Border Posts or Checkpoints built into the fence where if you want to enter Hungary to apply for asylum you can.  You cannot  enter Hungary if you are a migrant and refugee on your way to any other country. .

The Hungarian main border crossing with Serbia at Horgos-Roszke Coordinates: 46°09′12″N 19°58′13″E  is open to road traffic and local people.  It is not open to refugees migrants or asylum seekers.  All vehicles entering Hungary will be searched (presumably for migrants) so you should treat with caution some media reports  that this crossing point is open to everyone. You will  not be allowed into Hungary en route from Serbia to Austria. If you are a refugee migrant or seeking asylum in  Europe (except Hungary) you will not be admitted into Hungary. Please see this page  Controls at Hungary Border Crossings and Posts.

If you are a refugee migrant or seeking asylum in Europe and in Serbia you should head for Croatia. The main border crossings are from Serbia to Croatia are at Bajakovo coordinates    45°2’51″N   19°6’6″E    and Tovarnik coordinates 45°10′N 19°9′E  where there is a camp offering food and medical help and when the border to Hungary is open transport to there.  Refugees that enter Croatia at these both border posts will be helped on their journey by the Croatian authorities.  See travel advice for Croatia above.

You should only enter Croatia from Serbia at official border posts. If you cross the border elsewhere particularly through fields and forests you could be killed or seriously injured. There are there are thousands of hidden landmines in minefields on the Croatian side of this border  See also Croatia landmines.

If you enter Croatia from Serbia you should enter through one of the official border crossings. At present the Croatian border crossings with Serbia that are usually open are: Bapska  Coordinates: 45°11′45″N 19°15′41″E / 45.195703°N 19.261447°E Strosinci Coordinates:44°55′01″N 19°03′45″E / 44.916899°N 19.06 Batina   Coordinates: 45°50′46″N 18°51′00″E / 45.846°N 18.850°E  Bajakovo coordinates    45°2’51″N   19°6’6″E  Llok   Coordinates: 45°13′N 19°23′E  and Tovarnik coordinates 45°10′N 19°9′E  where there is a temporary camp offering food and medical help is available.

Do not try and enter southern Croatia via Bosnia Herzegovina as the southern part of Croatia as the route you would have to take to get there is dangerous due to minefields and it is very mountainous.  There are no rail services in Southern Croatia to northern Croatia either The Croatian government will refuse to admit you if you use this route. Some migrants who have attempted to enter Croatia this way were arrested on Nov 1st and deported on Nov 2nd.

Migrants and refugees should not try and cross the Serbian Croatian border illegally as the Croatian side has numerous minefields close to it. . see  Croatia Landmines 

Nov 2nd Update.  Currently there are some ldelays at the Serbian Croatian  border. Migrants entering Croatia from Serbia and then being taken to the Opatavac temporary camp.

From Tuesday 3rd Nov  an agreement between the Interior Ministers of Croatia and Serbia will end the present on foot trek that migrants are making to enter Croatia. Migrants  in Serbia will be taken to a temporary camp in ‘Sid’ Serbia   From there they will taken across the border by train directly  to temporary winter transit camp at Slavomski Brod in Croatia.  This camp has been sponsored by the Czech Government  who’s fire-fighters have erected  10 tents each capable of hosting 150 beds. The beds along with sleeping bags blankets and a solid fuel heating system will be installed this weekend.

Weather Update 28th October: Wednesday:  Monday: Sunny but some cloud with temperatures falling from 12 – 01c overnight Tuesday: Mostly sunny – some cloud with temperatures falling from  13 – 01c overnight.


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