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Last reviewed / updated November 2nd  @ 22.00

The Slovenian Government said in mid September it is prepared to grant asylum 10,000 refugees who want to live in Slovenia. Very few people who have arrived at the Croatian- Slovenian border have requested this so most arrivals are refused admission.   At one border crossing  on the A2 Highway Obrezje  coordinates : 45°53′59.1″N 15°39′26.11″E a limited number of exceptions to this policy have been made. These exceptions have been strictly for mothers who are pregnant or who have babies and very young children refugees and who want to travel to Austria and beyond.

Miro Cerar the Slovenian prime minister said his country has considered considering  creating transit corridors from its southern border with Croatia to its northern border with Austria.  This corridor would allow refugees heading Austria and then other parts of central and northern Europe to travel in organised numbers or  groups across Slovenia.  As one group enters Austria another group from Croatia would be allowed into Slovenia.   This has not happened as the Austrian authorities have not agreed to it.

Slovenia’s other border crossings with Croatia are   the   Rigonce border crossing Coordinates: 45°53′16.13″N 15°40′56.52″E  – Bregana on the A3 Highway Coordinates: 45°50′18″N 15°41′17″E   and Harmica. on the D225 Highway Coordinates: 45°53′N 15°42′E  

When refugees or migrants enter Slovenia, their documents are checked by the Slovenian Border Police. If the documentation is okay they can continue their journey, if is not they will detained and sent to a reception centre appropriate for them where they will be registered. .All centres will provide food and medical assistance if needed.

Refugees or migrants who want to apply for asylum in Slovenia (or international protection as it is also known in Slovenia)  will be sent to  special accommodation centres whilst their application is considered. Slovenia is believed to be able to accommodate around 2,000 people in these centres and a further 3,000 people in tent accommodation.  The asylum application can only be made for residence in Slovenia.  It cannot be made for residence in any other country

Refugees or migrants who do not apply for asylum or who’s asylum application is rejected are sent to foreigner centres where they will be held prior to being deported back to the country they came from. The main centre is the Centre For Foreigners at Postojna SW. Whilst they are there if they have not had an asylum application rejected they can still apply for it.  If they do apply for it they will be transferred to the accommodation centres described in the previous paragraph.

Most people who are detained at the Centres for Foreigners are deported. Those that can’t not be deported are detained in special detention centres within Slovenia.

Transit Arrangements At The Croatian Slovenian Borders

Slovenia is continuing tol allow refuges on their way to Austria and Germany provided Austria and Germany ace willing to accept them.  Generally refugees will have to be escorted to the border by Croatian Authorities see  Croatia  In recent weeks there have been long delays at the crossing points between Croatia and Slovenia with some refugees stranded in no mans land between the countries overnight.

When you have entered Slovenia you will either be taken to a temporary camp  before going to the Austrian border you will taken direct to the Austrian Border. The Slovenian Authorities have deployed extra police to the Croatian border to stop anyone forces their way into Slovenia and to make sure this policy works. Some delays may occur so migrants and refugees are asked to be patient .

If Austria closes its border with Slovenia – Slovenia will close its border with Croatia.

November 2nd Update: The camps currently operational in Slovenia are overcrowded and the registration process slow with refugees having to wait 1 -2 days to go to the Austrian border. As result some migrants and refugees are being taken by train from Croatia directly to the Slovenian – Austrian Border at a specially built station on the border at 1 km outside Sentilj which opened yesterday.


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