Hungary’s Village For Whites – Christians Only

 – and of course gays won’t be welcome either !

The mayor of Asotthalom a Hungarian village close to the Serbian border has introduced legislation banning the call to prayer for Muslims the wearing of Muslim dress and gay propaganda.

The village which is in decline hopes to rejuvenate its fortunes by attracting white  Christian Europeans who are fed up with to multiculturalism in their own countries. In an interview with the BBC the mayor Mr Toroczka said “We primarily welcome people from western Europe – people who wouldn’t like to live in a multicultural society, and that we wouldn’t like to attract Muslims to the village.” He added “It’s very important for the village to preserve its traditions. If large numbers of Muslims arrived here, they would not be able to integrate into the Christian community.

To further deter Muslim migration to the village he has banned the building of mosques even though the village has just two Muslim residents.

Mr Toroczka believes that groups of Muslims in countries across western Europe have not been able to intergrade and his village did not want the same experience.

When questioned whether he was a supporter  of white supremacy he replied Asked if he is trying to establish a white supremacist village, Mr Toroczkai replies: “I didn’t use the word white. But because we are a white, European, Christian population, we want to stay [like] this. He also said “I’d like Europe to belong to Europeans, Asia to belong to Asians and Africa to belong to Africans. Simple as that.”

The Hungarian Government are reviewing the legality of the legislation enacted by the mayor as it may be illegal under the Hungarian Constitution and European law


it’s hard to believe that any Christian moving to this village would feel comfortable living in an atmosphere of hate and prejudice. They probably would feel no better than many Muslims do about ISIS.

The concept that people from diverse cultures and classes from all over Europe would be anything but multiculturalism is absurd.

European history is littered with armies invading neighbours who look the same and the idea that the idea migrants to this village would live together happily ever after because they are white and profess to be Christian is frankly ridiculous.

It’s hardly surprising that the village population is leaving for more civilised climates.

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