Terrorism Attacks In Europe

 Terrorism Attacks In Europe – Terrorist Threat In Germany Belgium France And Other Europeant Cities

Terrorist attacks  and related incidents were experienced on more than one occasion in each of  these countries during 2015 & 2016.  The attacks were not confined to the capital cities of Berlin Brussels and Paris..  The threat of further attacks in these countries is thought by their respective security agencies  to be very high.  Similar threat levels have been identified in several other counties including the UK Scandinavia and other European Countries.

Some of the attacks are organised and sanctioned by terrorist organisations in the Middle East who control and finance the terrorist cells .in these counties. Others are  carried out on a random ad-hoc basis by lone-wolfs sympathetic to those organisations. Identifying  individuals in this second category because they  work under their own steam is particularly difficult and the threat of terrorism from these sources has increased..   Some security analysts believe that it will increase further if established terrorists organisations are weakened moved to new pastures  or defeated.  This outcome may be inevitable unless the politics partly responsible for the growth and support of terrorism are addressed.

Though it would be wring to  give in to terrorism and not travel travellers and tourists to Europe have to accept that they could become victims of terrorism particularly in Capitals other major cities. Those with children might now be minded to think twice before going taking them to France and Belgium.

Be vigilant and aware where ever you go and who ever you  go with.   The most recent attacks have been ‘soft’ targets in popular public areas near tourist attractions – markets promenades and  restaurants ecr . Public transport and sporting venues are also viewed as vulnerable.



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