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Exactly what  the policies of different governments will be tomorrow is unknown so it is impossible to predict what will happen at the border of any country.  This post is made on the basis of some known and well reported facts which in the view of euromost indicate  several possible scenarios.  However these scenarios might not happen but they should at least be considered until the long term polices of these countries and the EU are clarified.

The euromost pages are compiled to provide useful and factual information for refugees and migrants on their way to Europe having fled their own war-torn countries namely Syria Afghanistan and Iraq.  Though statistically the majority of refugees and migrants come from these three countries these pages will include information for refugees from other counties where relevant.

It is very important if you are travelling to Europe and seeking asylum to understand that the attitudes treatment or welcome you will receive on your way or in the country you are heading for will depend on your nationality and in some countries your religion. That said under international law someone with an excepted ‘refugee status should not be refused asylum because of their religion. Those countries prepared to accept refuges may only accept refugees from Syria. If you are not Syrian your refugee status may not be accepted and you could be deported.

This is because the European Union (EU) does not have a Europe wide agreement or law that is working  on how refugees and migrants. whatever their nationality,  are to  be treated.  As a result you will find that some countries like Croatia very helpful but others like Hungary will make things extremely difficult.

Some countries like Slovenia may let you apply for asylum in their country but not allow you to travel through their country to another one.  Interpretations of law especially international law vary but generally if you apply for asylum in one EU country you cannot travel to or apply for asylum another EU country. Other countries particularly Hungary and sometimes Austria will refuse to let you cross their border  if they describe the country you are in as a ‘safe’ country.  Each country has it’s own list of ;safe’ counties. Hungary for example describes Croatia Serbia and Romania as ‘safe’ countries as grounds to refuse refugees asylum in Hungary or to travel through it.

Germany is becoming more selective as to the nationality of refugees it will grant asylum to.  At the moment It favours people from Syria above every other country and it appears to give those from Afghanistan and Iraq ,who reach Germany, serious consideration.  However the German Government is introducing legislation in its parliament, which if passed, will make it impossible for people from some of the Balkan States including Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania to be given asylum.

Because the EU countries do not have a universal policy on who qualifies for asylum and some countries change their policies without warning so your journey to a specific country could be difficult or impossible. You could end up living in another country or detained in a unsympathetic country or even deported.

It is also possible that those countries who are  currently sympathetic to you may stop or limit the number of people they accept by introducing quotas or restrictive entry criteria. There are no guarantees even if your Syrian.

Be Safe. 


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